​5 Tips To Save Time And Be More Productive

Sometimes in the office it can be difficult to get everything done, due to the small inconveniences and time consuming tasks that are frustrating, but important. It can often leave you struggling for time –undoubtedly you would take an extra hour as a no brainer to allow you to finish your tasks in good time.

This article aims to do just that, with tips and tricks to enhance your time saving and productivity in the office. Mean less late night and more work completed.

Tip #1.
To begin with, you have to take your tasks day by day. Ensure you know what you have to achieve by the end of each day, plan the order of the tasks that you are going to do at the beginning of each day before getting stuck in. Essentially you should keep your computer, emails and filing up to date – this means avoiding any time wasting when looking for documents you’ve saved in places that you can’t locate, just spend a couple more minutes saving/filing your work appropriately rather than wasting multiple minutes frantically searching for it. Although they done look pretty spreadsheet can be a great way to keep track of tasks to do and tasked completed, you can add columns and color code them when done or depending on their urgency.

Tip #2. Crowdfunding
Another appropriate business tip for 2015 is to use the technology that is available to you in this modern day of age, if you are looking to start a business things such as ‘RocketHub’ and ‘Kickstarter’ which is a crowdfunding tool that allows you to secure the funding you need to go ahead and power your idea or business. Crowdfunding is an quick and easy to set up so it offers you good opportunities with no added stress.

Tip #3. Recruitment
Recruitment can be a difficult part of running your own business. If you need a position filled as soon as possible you might end up slaving away organizing places that you can advertise you job vacancy. Instead of this, try to look online for places such as a job board posting site, things like this will advertise the vacancy for you. Flat fee recruiters like Hiring People can post a job on 100 job boards, doing this will save you wasting your time needlessly and might even provide you the employee that you are in need of.

Tip #4. Go Virtual
Go virtual meetings and virtual assistant can change the way you work. Nowadays with technology such as Skype you can save time on commuting to meetings by just doing them over the Internet. virtual offices This saves time and increases convenience greatly when you have a busy schedule yet have important topics to discuss, for example discussing a new arising issue, you can quickly fit in meetings over Skype and use your time in more effective ways than travelling. Maybe you could add a virtual assistant to your like with the help of office admin assistants like Smart PA . This can free up countless hours as they can handle, phone call, emails, arrange meetings, travel etc.

Tip #5. Limit Distractions
Finally, and possibly most importantly, you have to limit distractions whilst you are in a working environment. For example your phone, facebook or even email can become a hindrance when trying to get your head down and focus on your work.  Try to get yourself in a ‘zone’ where you can focus on your work without being sidetracked on less important or trivial tasks. Put your headphones in and crack down on your work, crossing tasks off of your list one by one to assure you complete the amount of work that you feel you should.


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