10 Ways To Get Great Quality Content For Your Membership Website

10 Ways To Get Great Quality Content For Your Membership Website

Your website content should do more than just present information. It needs to engage the reader, boost your search engine rankings and reinforce your brand. Great content drives free traffic, creates loyalty, and ultimately leads to success. Here are 10 ways to get great quality content for your website.

1.   Reuse Your Content
You may have already some content that you have written for other purposes (magazine articles, journals, books, hobby notes, academic study, etc). Try to repurpose what you already have, rather than starting everything from scratch. You can also break long articles up into shorter posts.

2.   Create It Yourself
Nothing is better than creating your own unique content. This eliminates the fear of being repetitive, irrelevant or plagiarizing. What differentiates great content sites from average ones is exclusive, relevant and timely content. To maximize the effect of your content plan, be sure you have a timeline figured out in advance.

3.   Hire A Freelancer
There are thousands of freelance writers who can create articles for your site. You can brief them about what you want, the preferred tone and the length of your content, and they will write to a deadline. To find writers, check Upwork or do a Google search on ‘freelance writers’ followed by your subject e.g. ‘freelance writers fashion’ or ‘freelance writers food’. Make sure you see previous work and check references or ratings.

4.   Free Article Websites
There are websites where you can find and legally copy thousands of articles. Many of the articles are poor, but there are some gems amongst them. Anyone can use them if they acknowledge the author and include a link. The downside is that these articles can appear on dozens of sites across the web. Make sure to use them sparingly to maintain your sites quality. 

5.   Third Party Contributors
You can probably find third parties who would like to get their articles publish onto your site in order to reach your audience. Identify a list of potential contributors and then approach them with subject suggestions and a promise that they can have a bio and link in the article footer. Ensure you retain editorial rights on all content or articles can end up being no more than advertorial.

6.   Interviews
Interviews are a relatively easy way of creating content. You can either publish them as written articles or as audio or video clips. Prepare a list of questions before conducting an interview to ensure it flows, the content is relevant and it sounds professional.

7.   Press Releases
Sign up to one of the many press release services so you receive PR related to your subject. Instead of publishing press releases and international newswire reports, try to make an effort at rewriting articles in more depth (or with more padding in the opinion of some).

8.   RSS Feeds And Forums
Set up a feedly account to monitor what is being said on related blogs and websites. Create your own stories based on discussions and new trends. You might also want to start visiting forums that are relevant to your subject. Have a look at which posts attract the most discussion, read the thread of comments, then create an article based on what has been said.

9.    User Generated Content
Invite your readers to submit articles. This can have mixed results. You can easily offend people by not publishing what they have written. However it can also build a sense of community and belonging if you get it right. You can also encourage your readers to ask you questions and then publish the question with your answer as an article. It’s quick, easy and ensures your content is relevant to your audience. 

10.   Use Graphs & Tables
There are a lot of free tools that produce graphs and tables of information. These can become the basis of simple articles. Try Google Insights for SearchGoogle Keywords ToolAlexa, and Compete.

In short, you can promote your business or products by providing your customers with relevant content that helps fulfill a need — either to entertain or educate. Building your company’s website doesn’t need to be expensive, or complicated, but it should be well thought-out. SubHub is here to help you build or revamp a successful membership website. Go ahead, and get started with your free 14-day trial now!

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