14 Membership Website Templates to Jump Start your Homepage Design

14 Membership Website Templates to Jump Start your Homepage Design

templates for membership website homepage design

Creating a membership website has never been easier. And while most website builders offer loads of templates, many of the designs consist of just the bare bones needed to convince and convert a visitor to a paying member. 

SubHub has introduced a new collection of membership themed templates especially designed for your membership website homepage.

Our templates are intended to help jump start your design process with themes that include: fitness, yoga, relationship, ministry, learning, craft, wellness, business and modern living.

All contain a variety of layout ingredients to support and organise your homepage content into a format designed to convince a visitor to become a member.

Each template stacks a combination of layout sections which can be completely customised to match your brand, reordered or deleted. 

There’s no need to feel limited by a template as they’re all composed using a mixture of our standard layout sections. This means if your template is missing a section, you just need to head over to our sections library and add it to your template. 

Open a free 14-day trial with SubHub and get started by choosing the membership website template that best matches your needs and make it your own by replacing the default text and images with your own.

3 Examples of SubHub’s membership homepage templates

3 Rules to follow when creating a membership website homepage

1. Make your homepage easy to scan

Think about the visual journey of a user and arrange content in a hierarchy that helps them to easily consume your information. Add visual signposts to emphasize your more important elements by using font weight, size, heading formats and color.

Don’t present walls of text. Break down your content into bite-sized chunks introduced with compelling headlines.

Don’t crowd the page. Adding white space around content helps the user to focus on it.

2. Highlight the benefits of your membership website

Outline what benefits your members will enjoy when they subscribe to your membership website. Highlight some specific features.

Build your authority on your subject with sneak peaks of free content such as access to articles, downloads or tutorials. Include a video introduction on your homepage.

Your website’s homepage is the first impression a visitor gets of your business, so make it count.

3. Build trust with the visitor

Reinforce trust and authenticity by including an ‘About’ and ‘Testimonial’ section. Let visitors know who you are and the experience and knowledge you have to share.

Client and member testimonials are a must as they provide the assurances to visitors of your credibility with others.

Finally, offering a free-trial of your website so visitors can experience for themselves the value of membership.

Design tools and resources to create your membership homepage

Lastly, we wanted to share some of our favorite resources for high-quality, free-use images and icons unsplash.com, icons8.com and flaticon.com and list of 50+ more free online tools.

With SubHub’s membership website templates, there’s nothing stopping you now from creating a beautiful and converting membership website homepage.

View our collection of customisable membership templates and jump start your design process.