5 Tips For Better Video Interviews (Updated 2021)

5 Tips For Better Video Interviews (Updated 2021)

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SubHub allows you to easily upload video content, which can improve SEO rankings and drive traffic to your site. Video interviews have the power to capture and engage new audiences – a great platform for customer interaction. 

However, poorly-produced material can turn people away and reflect badly upon your brand. Therefore, simple techniques should be employed to ensure your footage looks professional without needing a big budget.

 Bear these tips in mind when preparing your next video interview:

1. Lights!

You may not have the cash for industry-standard three-point lighting systems, but the last thing you want is for your makeshift studio to appear ‘dingy’. Improvise with desk lamps to ensure your subject is well-lit and adjust exposure by using the camera’s ‘white balance’ – ensuring a natural complexion is maintained.

2.  Cut-aways

Interviewees can easily go off-topic and not stick to the question. To combat this, it’s wise to plan cut-away shots. Before the interview actually gets underway, start recording and ask a few non-related questions, putting your subject at ease. Instead of filming their full profile, focus on hands or some interesting detail about their clothing. Now you have a selection of cut-aways, allowing you to paper over any cracks in the edit.

3.  In The Frame

Poorly-framed shots are giveaway signs of amateur videos. It’s important your subject remains the sole focus of the image; any clutter in the foreground can be messy and distracting. Use a medium close-up and have them look slightly to one side, but ensure both eyes are clearly visible and have the camera at eye-level. Ideally, you’ll also have a fixed-position chair to avoid them swiveling out of shot!

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4. Go steady on the zoom

Once you’ve framed the shot, leave it. We’ve all seen hard-hitting news items whereupon the camera slowly zooms to amplify a subject’s torn expression, but zooming in or out is generally distracting and unnecessary. Getting it right is a real skill, so it’s advisable to err on the side of caution: Don’t touch the button!

5. Avoid ‘cheesy’ transitions

When experimenting with editing software, it’s tempting to play around with transitions between shots. You can ‘wipe’ from the left, ‘swirl’ from the centre or even ‘jigsaw’ your way into the next question. However, these gimmicks are generally considered tacky and should be avoided. Unless you’re Quentin Tarantino, it’s far better to use straight cuts or simply fade to black.

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