A Membership Website Platform that’s Easy to Love

A Membership Website Platform that’s Easy to Love

SubHub’s membership website builder allows you to easily build and launch your own online knowledge business and earn an ongoing income from it. 

Users love all the built-in functionality, intuitive editor and 5-star customer support they receive.

The SubHub platform includes everything you need, all-in-one place, to create a website that can accept payments from users who subscribe to gain access to your member-only content. It delivers all the functionality to succeed in creating any type of membership website. Get started building your site with our free 14-day trial.

Easily customise your homepages to convert visitors to members

After selecting one of our ready-made homepage templates, you can easily customise it to suit your brand and content. You can delete any unsuitable section from any template and replace it with one relevant to your design. A large selection of layout options can be found in the section’s library.

Build custom pages using the landing page editor

Our new landing page editor lets you create specific marketing pages. Depending on your hosting plan, you can create from 5 to 30 additional pages using the robust design capabilities of the landing page editor. But there’s need to be limited to using this editor just to create landing pages. You can also create highly styled content pages too.

Create unlimited membership plans and multiple levels

With SubHub, you can create unlimited subscription plans and membership levels to effectively segment your audience and the content they can access. Your members will only be able to access the content they are paying for.

Accept secure payments with trusted payment gateways

SubHub’s seamless integration with the trusted payment gateways, Stripe and PayPal, lets you securely accept recurring and one-off payments from members for subscriptions and course and store purchases. SubHub does not take any percentage of your sales. You can offer discounts, free trials and set up automatic renewals.

Easy to use content management system

Easily create and organise your content using the CMS. Your pages can contain images, audio, videos, PDFs and more. It can be published to be viewed publicly or access can be restricted to members only and even members who purchased specific subscription plans.

Create and sell unlimited online courses

Selling online courses are all the rage. With SubHub’s course editor, you can quickly create courses to sell as individual products or to include as part of a paid membership plan. Start transforming your knowledge into an income stream!

Check out the course sales page design on STEMsmart which lists all their educational courses for preschoolers.

Sell store products for an additional revenue stream

The built-in store lets you sell physical products and digital downloads. With the pay-per-view functionality, you can sell access to one off member-only content.

LovePrayTeach uses their store to earn additional income by also selling their member content as individual downloadable lessons.

Grow and nurture your online community

Grow your community engagement with features that promote communication. SubHub’s built-in member forums, commenting, event calendar and member profiles help to foster member participation.

Translate your website labels into your language

The language settings menu allows you to translate any hard coded English word into the language of your choice. Alternatively, you can replace a word with your own alternative.

Our advanced search filter lets students find the perfect fitness class

SubHub’s advanced search filter lets your students customise their search experience so they can find the most suitable fitness or yoga class that meets their specific criteria at any moment.

The advanced search filter is available with every SubHub website. You just need to enable it in the control panel.

A 5-star support team that always exceeds expectations

Our team delivers personalised support and always goes above and beyond client expectations. We don’t send scripted replies but thoughtful information along with screenshots and bespoke video tutorials so you always feel comfortable and confident using the SubHub platform. Our support team never receives anything less than 5-star reviews.

Take a tour of SubHub’s membership website solution – see everything that’s possible and more

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