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Express Yourself with Canva

Creating beautiful graphics has never been easier. No longer is expensive, complex software like Photoshop necessary to turn your ideas into visuals. Just head over to the web-based design platform and start creating. Choose from ready-made templates or start with a blank canvas you can custom size. Then with...

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Client Profile: Property Checklists

 Whether through poor planning or unfortunate dealings with rogue traders, it’s estimated that people in the UK waste over £4 billion on failed property projects every year - a staggering sum that can lead many to financial ruin.   SubHub customer Kate Faulkner runs, a site which aims to...

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Client Profile: Lab Bulletin

Traditional print media has been in decline for a number of years with more and more publications switching their focus online. Stats from the Pew Research Center suggest it’s a growing trend with 50% of Americans now seeing the internet as their main news source. Potentially, this conversion opens the...

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What is Creative Commons and Creative Commons License?

Every online content publisher should know about Creative Commons. It is a well established and very important way to handle online copyright for the distribution of free content. To take the Wikipedia definition: “The Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others...

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