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Improve Your Website Conversion Rate in 5 Steps

One of the most important website metrics to measure, is your conversion rate. While your website visitor numbers, click-through rates, page views, time spent on site, number of pages visited, entrance and exit points and abandon rates are all important, if you're not using them to improve your conversion rates,...

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A Decade of Business Partnerships

Here at SubHub we love our clients, and we’re thrilled to be able to support so many fantastic businesses on their journeys, using our membership website software. One key thing we endeavour to do with every one of our clients is to build a lasting partnership, and we know that...

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Monetization of content for online entrepreneurs

What is content monetization? Put simply, monetization describes the process of generating revenue from online content. Current popular avenues for monetizing content include advertising on google ads, youtube or facebook/instagram. Retargeting via Facebook and Google offer even greater potential for income by generating leads from visitors who have been on...

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GDPR: How will it affect your membership site?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you will have heard of a new regulation coming into force in a few weeks called GDPR. You may even have dismissed it as something that will only apply to big businesses, but we’re here to let you know that it will...

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Showcasing SubHub Client Updates

We are delighted to highlight some recent client updates and showcase their site launches over the past few months.   Koala Coach  Lena Fishman is a parenting expert and started her SubHub site to share her knowledge online and help other parents with educational based activities. The site offers advice...

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Kellie Davis of Get Glutes: “SubHub Was A Natural Fit For Us”

Get Glutes is an online workout system delivering challenging strength training and cardio workouts to your inbox each month. Members of Get Glutes receive instant access to monthly workouts, Q&A coaching sessions, and a supportive online community. SubHub spoke with Kellie Davis, Co-Founder of Get Glutes. Davis earned her BA from Florida...

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SubHub meets Jeff Evans, Founder of Inside Beer

Jeff Evans is a professional beer writer. For more than 25 years, he's been tasting the best beers in the world and then writing about them in books and magazines, providing tasting notes for brewers and retailers, and hosting beer tasting events for groups and organizations of all sizes. Born in...

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SubHub Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday SubHub!

We are in the party mood this month, as we celebrate 10 years of SubHub. The company was founded in February 2005, by Evan Rudowski and Miles Galliford. There have been many changes to the version of the platform you see today, and we think it's looking better than ever....

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