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SubHub Announces Major Enhancements to its Platform For Creating and Managing Membership-Based Websites

SubHub Announces Major Enhancements to its Platform For Creating and Managing Membership-Based Websites

SubHub, a leading provider of advanced membership website solutions, today announced a new version of its software-based platform, that makes it simpler and more profitable to create and manage membership-based services online. The fully mobile-ready system now includes MailChimp integration, enhanced PayPal integration, an updated media player, powerful editing capabilities and an expanded reporting and management dashboard.

SubHub provides everything subject matter experts need to share their knowledge online and commercialise it through membership-only access to content. “This is the most significant upgrade of the platform since it was launched in 2005,” explains CEO and Co-Founder of SubHub, Evan Rudowski. “We have listened carefully to our customers throughout the development process, in order to deliver these easy-to-use functions and features that fully satisfy their current and future requirements, helping them to maximise the return from their online content.”

New SubHub Features

• Mobile-ready, responsive architecture ensures that SubHub clients can optimise their website presentation for smartphone and tablet viewing, as well as for desktop and laptop browsers. The enhanced platform automatically adapts to maintain the website’s look and usability on any device or browser.

• MailChimp integration ensures that newly registered subscribers are automatically added to a SubHub client’s MailChimp email list, which allows easy and well-targeted communication between the organisation and its subscribers.

• Enhanced PayPal integration means that any cancellations made via PayPal are now synchronised with the database of site members to ensure accurate record-keeping and that only current paying customers can view subscription content.

• Expanded management dashboard delivers enhanced reports including new subscribers and those due to expire, enabling clients to better manage their subscription renewal process.

• Updated media player and editing capabilities makes the platform fully compatible with the latest video formats for full flexibility of content. Site editing tools now include a ‘what you see is what you get’ portal, making it even easier to make changes and updates.

The company is also planning a series of further upgrades including integration with Stripe – quickly becoming a standard for online payments without requiring a merchant services account. SubHub also plans to soon implement promo codes that will enable clients to easily offer subscription discounts and other incentives. Finally, SubHub plans to roll out enhanced forums to better enable member-to-member discussions and knowledge-sharing.

The new SubHub platform is available now for a single fee of just US $97 per month, with discounts for annual plans.

For more information about the SubHub platform watch this short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M27erh9pFac

About SubHub

An EFactor company, SubHub was founded in 2005 and has been named as a leading membership management solution by Capterra. Through its hosted and managed web-based platform the company provides subject matter experts with everything they need to build a successful membership website.

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