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SubHub News from Louise

SubHub News from Louise

So we round up February, which to me is always the shortest and sweetest month.

With the new version of the platform due to be released in April, SubHub Towers is a hive of activity. This upgraded version of our membership platform will be fully mobile responsive, and allow media files to be viewed on all tablets and smart phones.


These are exciting times for the team and, more importantly, our clients who have been patiently waiting for new improvements to our membership platform. We are well aware that the solution has suffered from some neglect, and is falling a little behind our ‘competitors’ products. This is why I am committed to pushing for new features to be developed, and will make it my mission to make SubHub the first choice for affordable online membership solutions. Kapow!

This month, we reviewed our messaging on SubHub.com, and have started to invite new clients to request a Free Trial with us, instead of signing up without us. This has not always worked in the past, as different users have different ways of discovering new technology. So this way we get to find out more about our prospective clients immediately, and so far the results have shown that this is a much better way to offer our solution.

Maybe you might like to take a leaf out of our book, and try and new approach to attracting new clients in March. Do let us know how it goes, we are always eager to hear about your ideas and plans, so get in touch if you wish to discuss options with me.

Good news to end on! We said Au Revoir to Chyrelle, who gave birth to a girl earlier in the month, we are delighted for her and her family. Looking forward to meeting your little bundle of joy. Hope you enjoy your maternity leave, SubHub HQ misses you very much!


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