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Ways To Make Money From Digital Content on the Web

Ways To Make Money From Digital Content on the Web

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A website remains the primary way to bring in money from published content. The three most widely used ways of generating income from a content website are:

a) Paying members or subscribers

b) Advertising

c) eCommerce


a) Paying Members

This avenue is especially popular amongst people who run a subscription magazine, but there are so many things you can offer to your website’s members or subscribers.

You can have specialist articles that only your members can access while still having a few free ones to let would-be clients visiting your site know that you are an expert; they will then come to trust that you know what you are talking about, and over time become more willing to pay for membership. You could offer a premium database to paying members; for example, if you run a database of publishing businesses, your paying clients can access niche lists and contact details.

Offering premium multimedia content like instructional videos is another way to attract paying members. You could also offer money off other paid services you may provide as an extra incentive to become a member.

The best idea is to find an all-in-one solution software for subscription or membership websites which can:

  • provide hosting for your site and membership database
  • provide an organized way for you to manage your content
  • include billing so you can take payments
  • provide great member features like profiles and forums

If you have everything all in one place it makes it much simpler and easier to run the website. A very good all-in-one solution is SubHub.



b) Advertising

Many publishers who begin to drive a good amount of traffic to their site can then begin monetizing by placing advertisements on their website.

Many businesses now use Google AdSense to place relevant and contextual ads on their site and earn revenue. AdSense is a very popular tool because its banners are less intrusive than most and all the ads they pick to appear will be related to your own site’s content. You can place three Google AdSense units per page.

Google has said that content-rich websites have been very successful with AdSense, so it is a great tool for any content publisher and very much worth looking into.

Another common kind of ad to place on your site is a display ad, usually as a rectangular clickable banner ad with a graphic but many other formats are available now.

Some ads go above and beyond a static graphic in attempts to engage the visitor into clicking on them: a video or even an interactive game. Try to make sure the adverts that you are displaying on your site are relevant to your site’s subject – that way you’ll probably generate more clicks and therefore more revenue!


c) eCommerce

“Electronic commerce” is basically the selling (and buying) of goods and services online and is the area where you can really stretch out and get extra-creative to bring in money. eCommerce products can range from an ebook you may have written to the smallest pieces of merchandise with your business logo on, like key rings. eCommerce payments are usually one-off, unless you are selling a course or series of products, and are a good way to bring in extra profit to your business.

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