How Much Do Bloggers and Online Content Publishers REALLY Earn?

How Much Do Bloggers and Online Content Publishers REALLY Earn?

I recently met up with a successful online publisher, who agreed that I could publish his earnings provided that I did not reveal who he was. This will give you an insight into how a real site is making its money.

The things I can tell you about this individual are:

  • Before embracing the internet in 2001 he was a journalist
  • He has had one book published on dead trees and has since written four books which he markets and sells online
  • He is considered an authority in his subject and can be found speaking at several industry events
  • He usually puts two full days a week aside for writing. The other days he looks after his paying members and participates in the broader community
  • He spends very little money on marketing and advertising

He is a great example of what can be achieved by an ordinary guy with extraordinary focus.



The website attracts on average 5,000 unique visitors a day, which results in 15,000 pageviews. So over the month his site gets approximately 450,000 pageviews.

He sells eight 125 x 125 ads on his site at a rate of $500/month. All his ad spaces are fully booked months in advance. Ad revenue is $4,000.

He promotes a handful of products that he really believes in and uses himself on affiliate basis including some web applications, a camera, a couple of software products, etc. This earns him on average $500.

He sells his four ebooks through his site. He always charges $49 for his latest book and $29 for his other books. On an average month he sells 100 books at $49 and 80 at $29.

ECommerce revenues are $7,300/month.

He also has a subscription part of the website where members can get access to a huge archive of information, a weekly webinar, a copy of the four books and a video course. He has 550 members paying $29 a month. That comes to $16,500 month

He charges non-members $29 to participate in his bi-weekly webinar. This brings in $300 a month, but more importantly usually generates  new subscribers.


The Grand Total!

Sponsorship                 $4,000

Affiliate                        $500

Ecommerce                  $7,300

Subscription                 $16,500

Other                           $300

TOTAL                       $28,600


Over 12 months the sites income is expected to be around $360k.


This is a unique insight into the internet business of one successful publisher.

I know he works very hard and has spent several years building his authority online, but nothing he does is beyond the reach of any individual with passion and determination.

Use this article as inspiration to get started and to set your own personal goals.

There is no reason you should not achieve similar results.

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