D.N. Leo is an Australian novelist who writes supernatural fiction. She uses her membership website, DN LEO, to connect with and update her readers, market her audio and e-book collections and provide access to newly published, serialized stories.

Her goal is to immerse her audience in her unique world creation while growing her fan base one chapter at a time.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I’m a novelist with more than 40 novels published in the contemporary fantasy genre under D.N. LEO. With a background in film and television, I view my fiction business more as a show business than a literary business. I’d like my audience to enjoy the stories in whatever ways they want.

Why did you decide to build a membership website?

I offer my audience a ‘world’ where stories and characters come to life. My audience is familiar with my Multiverse Collection, and I want to create a multiverse community where they can enjoy episodic stories – like Netflix without pictures – and engage with like-minded audiences. The membership site is designed for that purpose.

Why did you choose the SubHub platform? What are the platform features most important to you?

SubHub is a robust and solid platform. Your support service is the best.

How did you get your first members?

I have an emailing list of followers.

What has been the most effective way to drive traffic to your website?

Emailing list and engaging content suitable for community.

Do you use social media to get members for your website? What platform have you found to be the most effective?

I use Facebook to grow my audience.

How have you grown your email list and how often do you send out email campaigns?

I use Facebook advertising. I send email once a week. In addition to SubHub membership site, I have my own website, a designated community app, and a shop.

What kind of content is most popular on your website? And how often do you post new content?

E-book format is the most popular format of my novels. I am trying to promote the membership site using serialized fiction. It’s a work-in-progress.

What advice do you have for anyone launching a membership website?

Exclusive content and a sense of community is important for my fiction business.

How has the SubHub platform helped you to reach your goals?

The lifetime membership plan is one of the most popular plans I’ve offered. People love it because it increases accessibility to the stories in my world. Without SubHub and the ability to release serialized content, it would be almost impossible for me to grow my fan base by slowly introducing them to my fictional world. It’s not about trying to sell a book. It’s about inviting people to visit the ‘happy world’ I created and then making them fall in love with it, one chapter at a time.

Final thoughts

A membership website is the perfect vehicle for authors to establish a connection with their readers and promote their fiction. It’s a base for your fans to peruse and purchase your published and online books, learn about your latest events and read reviews. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to increase the visibility of your novels and professional reputation with a website dedicated to the promotion of your written work.