Kevin, along with his business partner Anthony, launched the educational resources website Function First to empower physical therapists and fitness professionals with effective pain management treatments. The website is dedicated to sharing the advantages of employing functional movement training to alleviate a client’s chronic pain.

It provides a comprehensive range of online courses, webinars and workshops to inform pain management practitioners in using evidence-based methodologies and exercise solutions to improve patient outcomes.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

We work with folks experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, & our education company teaches practitioners how they can work with this demographic.

Why did you decide to build a membership website?

In 2011, I could sense there was a shift in what consumers were looking for. Providing education online (as opposed to strictly live-events) was THE future. As the sophistication of platforms got better, and the explosion of membership streaming demand grew, so did our need to find a platform that could deliver the multitude of content we created over many years.

Why did you choose the SubHub platform? What are the platform features most important to you?

After researching myriad platforms, it was clear SubHub understood exactly what I had envisioned for a membership site. I was able to schedule a call and ask them specific questions, which (surprisingly) isn’t available with all membership platforms. Not only did they have custom course builder templates & multiple subscription tiers, I was able to hire their development team to customize the site in a way that other’s were not offering. Simply stated – SubHub and their entire staff won our business!

How did you get your first members?

We have over 25 years in our industry, and have built a substantial email list over the years.

What has been the most effective way to drive traffic to your website?

Creating content that has actual value, and establishing an online community that gets involved & can share your website | content with prospects. Non-organic, paid avenues such as Facebook ads have been effective also.

Do you use social media to get members for your website? What platform have you found to be the most effective?

Instagram & Facebook are the most effective social media platforms for us.

How have you grown your email list and how often do you send out email campaigns?

We have used SubHub’s Zapier integration to help us expand our ever growing (and complex) email lists. The automation of email campaigns has been an enormously helpful tool. From the moment we acquire new members, to continually providing automated emails of content, emailing our list is a huge aspect of our business.

What kind of content is most popular on your website? And how often do you post new content? 

We are constantly posting new content to our site. The most popular content comes from our video shorts. Our customers want video content, that is not overly time consuming.

What advice do you have for anyone launching a membership website?

Hire the people who understand your concept | vision, and work with a platform like SubHub that not only has a great product, but outstanding customer service as well.

How has the SubHub platform helped you to reach your goals?

By constantly providing a product & service that we can rely upon to exceed our members expectations of an elite online education experience.


Function First illustrates the undeniable role that online education websites now play in every discipline. No longer is training limited in-person classes. Valuable instruction is now available in many online formats. By being able to provide comprehensive, up-to-date training resources to a wide audience of practitioners, Function First achieves its goal of helping individuals with chronic pain lead better lives.