Case Study: Running Restaurants Celebrates 10 Years with SubHub

Case Study: Running Restaurants Celebrates 10 Years with SubHub

“We were looking for a platform where you didn’t have to build the technology yourself – where all that stuff was happening in the background and we could just focus on the content, which is where our expertise is. Our expertise is not in the coding and tech side, it’s in delivering content to our audience. I was looking for a solution to do that better and that’s why we chose SubHub”

Jaime Oikle – Running Restaurants

Jaime Oikle is the mastermind behind Running Restaurants, a membership website that provides independent restaurant owners and managers with the business tools they need to succeed.

Covering everything from digital marketing tips and templates, to operations and service advice, Running Restaurants has a wide range of information in their membership portal, as well as downloadable ebooks, spreadsheets, checklists and more for sale in their online shop.

Running Restaurants has been in business for twenty years, and has been using the SubHub platform exclusively for the last ten years.

In the beginning…

Jaime first started exploring membership site platform options because he was frustrated with the limitations of his static website in terms of income generation, as well as the time it was taking him to make updates to every page.

Jaime says, “I wanted to transfer from my static webpage, which we’d had for years, into a more managed and dynamic interface that would be able to take transactions and memberships, and would be easier for us to update and make the content available. We wanted to focus on the content, instead of building the website from scratch.”

All-in-one solution

He wanted to be able to easily and seamlessly monetize the content he was producing, without having to worry about joining up several different pieces of software. He was looking for a single, unified solution that could grow with his business, as well as being super simple to use so he didn’t have to worry about the technical side.

Jaime says, “SubHub had all the things we were looking for, and over the years we’ve pushed to get the platform to do more things. The SubHub team have always been very responsive about making those changes. And they’ve obviously been proactive to stay in tune with the changing landscape that’s out there as well. I find SubHub to be very straightforward, very easy to use, and compared to similar services it’s towards the top, for sure!”

Continued growth

Jaime’s business has continued to grow during the time he’s been using SubHub, and he’s been happy to see how SubHub has grown along with him. Running Restaurants has a solid membership base that generates income on a monthly basis, and they’ve made good use of SubHub’s online shop and articles features both to encourage new memberships and offer support to non-members.

Jaime says. “What SubHub does is take a publisher or an expert in something and free them from the constraints of technology, and just let them get directly to the consumer in a mass way that you can’t otherwise do. Experts, for example, in the yoga space or training space, they want to sell their expertise to an online audience versus five people in a physical space. SubHub manages all the technology, taking that issue away. It lets people get straight through to the users so that they can make money through technology.

Customer service

Something that has encouraged Jaime to stick with SubHub for so long is the customer service. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for each and every one of our clients, and its certainly something that Jaime has appreciated.

Jaime says, “Everybody has always been super-duper nice, super helpful, and very responsive. When they respond to support tickets it’s always quickly and they’ll escalate it to the development team where necessary. Then they follow up make sure it’s done, make sure it’s happening, make sure I am happy with the result. So all of that has been great. We did the redesign with their design team about a year ago, and it all worked very well from the skeleton layout, to the feedback and then the graphics. The final results have always been great.”

We’re delighted to have been able to host the wonderful Running Restaurants website and support Jaime over the last decade of his business. It’s clients like him which push us to continually improve our membership website platform and make it the best it can possibly be.

Advice for building a membership website

Finally, Jaime had this advice for anyone who wants to build a membership site, “I would just say there’s a lot of ways to do it – you can spend zero or you can spend a hundred thousand dollars. You could do it all yourself and learn everything and there is value to that. Or you could just pick a platform that’s figured it out for like ten, fifteen years and has solved the majority of the problems, and it has a ridiculously economic price and just do that. So, that would be my advice. You can reinvent the wheel but there’s really not a reason to do that. Do your research, check out some options, but definitely check SubHub out as one of the main ideas.”

Thank you so much, Jaime, for letting us share your story.

For more information on Jaime and Running Restaurants, you can visit the site here. And if Jaime’s story has inspired you to get your own membership site up and running, then make sure to sign up for your free trial here.

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