LovePrayTeach is a membership website that provides downloadable and printable lesson handouts for Sunday school and home gospel teaching. Their website’s homepage encourages visitors to subscribe to one of its paid plans which grant access to hundreds of lesson packets.

However, they’ve realised that not everyone will immediately become a paying member. So they also use a number of strategies to capture the contact details of those potential members.

For users who just want to purchase a lesson plan, the website sells individual packets in the built-in store. This allows LovePrayTeach to show the value of their content to these prospective members. By gathering their email, they can then be included in future membership campaigns.

Another marketing strategy LovePrayTeach uses to build their mailing list is to offer a free membership that includes a 5% store discount. Again this targets users who aren’t yet ready for a paid subscription. In exchange for a discount, LovePrayTeach collects the user’s email and then has the opportunity to convert them into a paying member.

These strategies have helped them to build a mailing list of over 40,000 subscribers.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

My background is in photography and digital design. I started my own website when I saw a need within our church for lesson helps and cute illustrations!

Why did you decide to build a membership website?

I love the membership model! It makes it so easy for people to not have to think about purchasing something every time they need it. I like subscribing to member sites myself, so it made sense to offer it on my website.

Why did you choose the SubHub platform? What are the platform features most important to you?

When we started our site, it was hard to find a membership platform that also had a good visual store attached to it. It also had unlimited member groups and most that we researched only had up to 3 member groups. I love how easy Subhub is to use. I also like that I don’t have to worry about my site getting messed up every time a “plugin” is updated! What keeps us on Subhub is the amazing customer service. They respond to emails very quickly and are always kind and patient with us. They resolve our issues within a timely manner. I don’t think there’s been an issue that they haven’t been able to resolve. And when I need custom coding or a request outside of their regular scope, they allow us to pay extra, which is much less than I would have to pay a 3rd party to help me.

How did you get your first members?

We got our first members by using social media. Pinterest has been a huge asset for us.

What has been the most effective way to drive traffic to your website?

Pinterest and SEO are what drive traffic to our website. Google ads and adwords have also been helpful.

Do you use social media to get members for your website? What platform have you found to be the most effective?

Yes! We’re on all of them. But the most effective for us is Pinterest. Instagram is second.

How have you grown your email list and how often do you send out email campaigns?

When someone signs up for a membership, they are automatically added to our email list. We have a list of over 40,000 now. We send out a monthly email, along with an automation campaign that starts when they first subscribe.

What kind of content is most popular on your website? And how often do you post new content?

We post new content daily. Our site is a bit unique so it’s all pretty even.

What advice do you have for anyone launching a membership website?

Keep your subscription plans simple and easy to understand. When we first started, we had 8 different membership levels. This got VERY confusing! We now have 3 plans where they can choose to pay monthly or annually.

How has the SubHub platform helped you to reach your goals?

Our site has grown much bigger than I ever dreamed it could. Subhub has been there for me each step of the way. They answer all our questions and fix any issues that have come up. I feel like I have a friend watching my back at all times!

Final thoughts

Through the trial and error of managing and growing their website, LovePrayTeach, realised the importance of subscription simplicity and clear content organisation.

Too often website owners think more choice will bring greater results when it actually overloads users and delays their decision making process. Presenting visitors with fewer membership options results in a more streamlined and fluid sign up process.

LovePrayTeach also understands the value in clearly organising content and having a simple yet well thought out navigation so members can quickly find and download the lesson packets they need.

These are a just a few of the factors that have contributed to the success of their membership website.