Case Study: Visitors To The Herself360 Website Stay For An Incredible 4 Minutes

Case Study: Visitors To The Herself360 Website Stay For An Incredible 4 Minutes

“The site has only been up for a couple of months, but all through January and February we’ve had over a thousand people on the website. And the time they’re spending on the website is amazing! One of our founders used to work for a big media magazine and they were lucky if they had people spending a minute on their website. Our average is four minutes over the last two months, so we’re really excited about that.”

Cathie Briggette – Herself360

Cathie Briggette is co-founder of Herself360, a magazine-style membership website and community of women who ‘embrace, engage and support each other’. With articles on everything from lifestyle to finance, news, fashion, food and more, Herself360 is laser-focused on women’s issues and empowerment, and creating a safe, nurturing community where women can thrive.

Herself360 is a relatively new venture, and was launched in January 2018 on the SubHub platform.

A brand new online magazine

Cathie and her co-founders knew they wanted to create an online media magazine with a membership option. But they didn’t want to build the whole website from scratch by themselves, so they turned to Google to research their options, and there was SubHub.

Cathie says, “I loved the pricing structure [of SubHub] – that was really good. Because we had no members whatsoever, I liked the way that the pricing tiers worked: so as we started out it was not so much and then we got bigger the price got comparably bigger. I really like that. I liked the examples that you showed because a lot of them were of what we were thinking about doing, so that was helpful too.

No pressure

Cathie also appreciated our low-pressure sales approach. She says, “I did a trial and Louise was the one who got in touch me. She was just so helpful and easy to talk to. At the time I wasn’t quite ready to make a decision but she was ready to wait for me. She was right with me all the way through all of us [the co-founders] making the decision, and she made it easy to make that decision. That made me feel much more comfortable.”

Speedy setup

Cathie took advantage of our Speedy Setup Service, which got her new site up and running in a month, and meant that her and her team were able to concentrate on doing all the other tasks a new business requires, without having to worry about their website.

Cathie says, “It was kind of bumpy in the beginning – we didn’t have a logo yet and we hadn’t picked our font and our colours – but the support was really good. Jean was our main person to get in touch with, and everything that we were looking to do she just made it happen.

“I think the biggest thing with us was that we were a start-up company and there was only three of us. We had a whole bunch of other things that were going on, so it was really great that we could throw stuff at you guys and then you could start building it in the background while we were trying to get the rest of our stuff together.”

magazine membership website

Marketing savvy

Initially Herself360 was open to everyone, with none of the articles pay-walled behind a subscription. Cathie and her team were keen to use all of their content to generate interest and awareness – a canny marketing strategy.

Cathie says, We wanted to get people into it first. To see what the site was about, understand what it was we were doing, and be interested in it before we locked it all down.”

Herself360 has now done just that – a few articles are still available on the site to be read by anyone, but the majority of the content, and the community, has been transferred to a members-only area. The site continues to grow, and reaches over a thousand women every month. A wonderful achievement after only six months online, and we’re sure they’ll continue to go from strength to strength.

A bit of advice

Finally, we asked Cathie if she had any advice for someone who wanted to set up a membership site. She said, “I would say you should try SubHub. They’re really good – they’re very easy to use and their customer service is excellent. The people over there are very easy to talk to and understand what it is that you’re looking for and how you want it to show up. The SubHub platform is very comprehensible, and so far everything is just been really easy to do.”

Thanks so much for sharing your SubHub story, Cathie.

For more information on Cathie and Herself360, you can visit the site here. And if Cathie’s story has inspired you to get your own membership site up and running, then make sure to sign up for your free trial here.

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