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Who is Linking to Your Website?

There are three elements to driving free search engine traffic to your website; great quality, frequently updated content and the number of good inbound links. You know whether your content is good and up-to-date, but how do you know how many people link to your site or more importantly who...

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50 Ways to Promote Your Book

After two years of writing a book it’s almost finished. Hooray! I had always envisaged that I would publish through a traditional print publisher. However as publication date approaches I’m having some doubts. Do I really want to hand over complete control of two years painstaking work in exchange for...

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Making Money Online – The Future

I spend a lot of my time studying what is happening on the Internet and in particular watching membership websites that make money Change tends to be evolutionary, rather than revolutionary However by keeping an eye on the small moves it is usually possible to predict the bigger trends. So...

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