How To Make Money

The primary focus of SubHub and this website is building and growing subscription-based websites. However, this does not mean that you cannot make money from many other sources including eCommerce, advertising, sponsorship, one-off content sales, mobile, and offline events. Indeed you will be missing much of the revenue-generating potential of your website if you don’t pursue these opportunities.

15 Top Tips For Getting Great Testimonials

Testimonials are sometimes referred to as 'the secret sales force', and with good reason. Psychologists have long understood the principle of 'social proof', which basically says people will do what they see other people doing. The role of the testimonial is to make your potential readers and prospects feel completely at...

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The Value of High-Quality SEO Content

In an Internet world jam-packed with flashy visuals, streaming videos, ads, links and sales pitches (not to mention the oft-annoying embedded sounds), it can be hard for the average person to discern the value in what they are looking at. To those who know how to look for it, the...

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Writer’s Block and How to Overcome It

Writer's block is a problem that all bloggers and content creators face at one time or another.  Trying to think of new and interesting ideas every day, without repeating yourself, is certainly not easy. That is why many blogs die before they even get to their six month anniversary. Their...

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