Content Creation

A subscription website is only as good as the content. The content needs to be relevant, exclusive, entertaining and has personality. To achieve this and more requires thought and planning. These articles should help guide you through the planning process.  Invest the time to create a content plan before you launch and keep it updated as your website grows.  

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AIDA: The Secret to Writing Copy That Sells

Writing really good sales copy is a tremendously valuable skill. One exceptional copywriter I met earns $400,000 a year writing salesletters. He guarantees his letters will outsell any letter that his client writes themselves ...or they don't need to pay him. He has never not been paid. When I asked...

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What is Online Content Monetization?

The phrase content monetization is being used more and more frequently, but it is hard to find a definition or detailed description of what it means. So, I thought I would give it a go.First I should define what I include ‘online content’ in the context of online content monetization?I define it as...

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How to Start a Membership Business

One of the questions we get asked most frequently at SubHub is "what are the good niches for a subscription or membership business?" The answer is very simple: whatever your passion is. You can create a membership model based on any type of business, but the one thing you don't...

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48 Ways to Promote Your Book

After two years of writing a book, it’s almost finished. Hooray! I had always envisaged that I would publish through a traditional print publisher. However as publication date approaches, I’m having some doubts. Do I really want to hand over complete control of two years of painstaking work in exchange...

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