Getting Started

Deciding to launch a subscription website can be one of the most important and exciting decisions you will ever make. You will quickly be able to visualize what you want to achieve. What you want the website to look like. What content you will create. Who your customers will be. But then you’ll start getting into the details! What domain name? How do I build the site? What functionality do I need? Who will host it?……. Suddenly what seemed so simple, now seems so complicated! This is where we can start to help. Spend some time reading the articles on this site and all these questions and many more will be answered. Enjoy this wonderful journey into the exciting world of building a successful online publishing business.

The Seven Steps to Building Your First Subscription Website

Time to get down to business. There are seven steps you need to go through when building a new membership website:  1)      Choose a subject area and website name (e.g.  2)      Design the website layout and look and feel  3)      Find a technology partner to build the website. Integrate functionality and payment processing.  4)      Start...

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managed vs unmanaged

Managed Vs Unmanaged Membership Software

Those are the questions many people ask when setting out to create a membership website, along with a need to understand the many differences between unmanaged standalone software and a managed service. The differences are extremely important and as such, it is worth spending a little time understanding what they...

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white spanner and screwdriver icon on red background

Buying A Domain Name: The Complete Guide

Once you have chosen a name for your website you must register the corresponding domain name with a domain registration company. There are hundreds of companies offering slightly different services. Many are honest, stable businesses. But many are poorly run, under-resourced and set out to deliberately confuse customers, so they...

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