Jonny Caspari

A Treasure Trove of Free Images

  The truth of the adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ has never been disputed. Besides adding visual appeal to your website, images can enrich and emphasise the meaning of your articles. They are an effective tool to stimulate interest and attract a reader’s attention to your content....

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circle shaped frame

Create Circle Framed Images

When designing your homepage, give some consideration to the shapes you might incorporate. There is a demonstrated psychology behind shapes and the emotions they can evoke. Circles, in particular, elicit powerful associations to the natural world, movement, completion and wellbeing. Employing circles in the visual storytelling of your brand can...

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Web Design Tips to Make your Site Stand Out

Looking at a blank canvas when starting a website can be pretty daunting.  Where to begin? Usually you want to start with content.  Once you have enough content ready to go, you’ll be all set to start the design process.  But again, that blank page is still staring at you....

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Intellectual Property

Copyright Free Material to Bring Your Videos to Life

It can be tempting to soundtrack your videos with punchy chart-topping hits, but doing so means you risk infringing upon copyright law. Many social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Facebook, can automatically spot third-party content and may block your posts altogether, so it’s wise to err on the side of...

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5. Planning & Creating Content

A website is only as good as its content. Great content attracts visitors, encourages links from other websites and creates loyalty amongst your audience In this video we look at the types of content, content mix, writing for the web and how to create a content plan.  

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How to Write an Article in Just 30 Minutes

Do you spend hours slogging over an article, wishing you could make the process quicker and easier? It's a common problem that all bloggers have suffered with at one time or another. In this post i'll take you through the steps I follow to put together an article in just...

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Free and Cheap Stock Images and Photos

Images can make or break a website. This article provides a well researched list of the best free and cheap stock image sites on the internet. When photos and illustrations are well chosen and relevant to the content, they greatly improve your customer’s experience and enjoyment. Irrelevant eye-candy serves no...

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Subscription Software Must-Have Features

More and more bloggers, small businesses, publishers, and organizations are realizing the benefits of adding subscription capabilities to their websites through subscription software. There are a number of reasons for introducing a free subscription aspect to your website.  For one thing, it is a way to restrict access to certain...

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