Member acquisition

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Take a Peek at Your Usability

Sometimes, familiarity with our own website can blind us to its flaws. A nifty, free service called Peek now gives you the opportunity to view your website with new eyes. It offers user evaluations of blogs and websites. Just go to and enter your URL. Within hours, you’ll receive...

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Cracking The Paywall

So, your website’s live and is racking-up more hits than a Beatles tribute act. Global domination awaits. But how do you convince people to jump aboard and join your fledgling empire? What converts initial interest into sales, and how are you going to build a brand? Much can be learned...

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Charging the Right Price for Membership

Choosing the right subscription price for your membership website will determine how profitable your website is. Get the price too low and your costs, marketing in particular, will eat into your margin. You could also put people off if the price point gives the perception of low value. Get the...

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