5 Great Reasons to Start Your Membership Website Small and Simple

So you've made the decision to start a membership website. How exciting! Exciting because it's new, and exciting because it's a way of monetizing your business that can be very profitable. All those dreams start swirling around in your head about how it's going to work! Like membership levels...drip content...courses...lessons...downloads...pdf's...videos...podcasts...public...

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Crazy Egg Homepage

Take a Crack at Conversion with Crazy Egg

For anyone owning a website business, the word “conversion” is one of the hottest topics. We all want as much insight as possible about our visitors with the aim to convert them to a subscriber or shopper. Many of us rely on Google Analytics to help analyse our visitor traffic....

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Fiverr Homepage

3 Million Ways to Spend a Fiverr

The first time I scrolled through the marketplace of Fiverr, I was astonished by the range of its eclectic offerings. Imagine an exotic, cyber bazaar filled with vendors hawking their wares and you'll have a bit of the flavor of Fiverr. The site is primarily used by freelancers who offer a...

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Trello – A New Way to Get Organised

For many of us, making lists is a way of life. They help us to create a semblance of order to the challenge we have of organising life’s big and little tasks. I myself have always been an old-fashioned pen and paper person, until, that is, I discovered the web...

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Appointlet.com Homepage

Online Appointment Booking Tool

Thanks for stopping by, our very first Friday Freebie. Each week we will post a new free tool or resource that we think you would benefit from. This week I want to let you know about Appointlet.com, a great way to manage appointments online. I have been using the solution...

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Top 10 Websites for Video Editors

To help make 2014 your most creative year yet, SubHub has compiled a list of the best online resources for all budding video-makers. Annnnd Action! 1. Film Riot Hosted by the hyper-active Ryan Connolly, Film Riot offers fantastically fast-paced how-to videos for all stages of production. If you’re thinking of...

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