SEO is vital to increasing traffic to your membership site Once your site is live and the initial content is loaded you will want to quickly start building traffic…….. and not just any traffic. You neeed highly targetted and relevant people visiting your site. Most of your marketing will be undertaken online using the many new and exciting digital marketing techniques. Many of these are outlined below. Lets get traffic!

SEO Is A Strategy, Not A Tactic

Yesterday I was running through the business plan with a client. They are launching an online magazine about DIY design for small companies. As you would expect, given the subject, they had created a wonderful website design, brilliant stationary and some exciting marketing concepts. But as I read through the...

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Who is Linking to Your Website?

There are three elements to driving free search engine traffic to your website; great quality, frequently updated content and the number of good inbound links. You know whether your content is good and up-to-date, but how do you know how many people link to your site or more importantly who...

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