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Trademark Traps: Don’t Sink Your Brand

There is much to consider when selecting a new trademark.  The initial joy of playing with possible names and sketching logo designs should be tempered with a realistic perspective on the rights and responsibilities of the trademark owner. The logical initial considerations of identifying the business to the market it...

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The Cost of Building a Website from Scratch

This article looks at the costs of getting a customized website built by a web development company. The big benefit of building a 100% customised website is you should get exactly what you want it. The downside is it costs alot more than using a ready-to-go managed service like SubHub....

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Make Free Telephone Calls Online!

We have selected our top free or cheap online telephone and communications services. There is no reason you should be paying carrier rates for your calls. There are many fee online telephone services which can slash your bills. Here are some we have used. Skype We use Skype as our...

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How to Start a Profitable Online Magazine

Publishing content for profit on the Internet is one of the fastest-growing areas of online business. New online magazines are being launched every day, covering every subject imaginable down to the most niche areas. Some are started by print magazine publishers moving online, some by small  businesses who see value in sharing their...

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