Monetization of content for online entrepreneurs

Monetization of content for online entrepreneurs

What is content monetization?

Put simply, monetization describes the process of generating revenue from online content.

Current popular avenues for monetizing content include advertising on google ads, youtube or facebook/instagram. Retargeting via Facebook and Google offer even greater potential for income by generating leads from visitors who have been on your site but haven’t clicked that call to action button.

Other income streams are through selling products or digital content as store items (you can do this on a SubHub membership site as well), or joining an affiliate program. (You can start your own affiliate program with a membership site also – even more profitable than joining someone else’s!)

Many content owners focus on one of these revenue streams and run with it.  However, the most successful online publishers drive multiple revenue streams from their content.

That’s where creating a membership website comes in. A membership site can generate multiple streams of income by offering several different avenues of monetization. You can sell physical or digital products, generate recurring income, offer an affiliate program, and benefit from online advertising and retargeting.

  • Creating a membership website is one of the most cost-effective and rewarding ways of monetizing content. It lets you profit from your expertise through just about any format of material – videos, podcasts, articles, text, images, downloadable content, and more.
  • A membership model lets your website be your business hub – where all the action is. That’s where potential and current customers can go to do anything they want to do – view content, sign up, upgrade, get to know you and provide you with feedback. So you are monetizing and building community at the same time.
  • Business owners who are administrating Facebook groups and YouTube followings are in an especially good position to profit from a membership website. – payments from members are recurring on a regular basis so you’re guaranteed a certain income.
  • You’re also building relationships with customers on a potentially much larger scale and leveraging the heavy lifting power of automation to make it easy.

At this point, you may be asking

How do I get visitors to come to my site and signup for memberships?

One of the keys is to create valuable content. The most successful online entrepreneurs know how important is it to understand and deliver content that’s targeted to their audience in a unique way. Social media is of course one of the most effective ways to a following.  But at some point, the question becomes “How do I monetize this?”

A membership website may be the answer.

To find out, set up a free trial of SubHub’s platform and give it a test drive. It’s free for 14 days.

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