Copyright Free Material to Bring Your Videos to Life

Copyright Free Material to Bring Your Videos to Life

Intellectual Property

It can be tempting to soundtrack your videos with punchy chart-topping hits, but doing so means you risk infringing upon copyright law. Many social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Facebook, can automatically spot third-party content and may block your posts altogether, so it’s wise to err on the side of caution and look for copyright free alternatives that can bring your video to life – without costing you a penny.






A plethora of websites offer copyright free downloads, which guarantee your videos won’t incur record company wrath. is an easy-to-use service that boasts thousands of MP3’s. There’s a dedicated ‘Music for Video’ section that allows you to search by mood – with everything from ‘angst ridden’ and ‘eerie’, to the more ‘energetic’ and ‘bouncy’.

You don’t even need to set-up an account – just click ‘download’ and away you go with your toe-tapping tunes!

Additionally, YouTube recently launched its own Audio Library with 150 tracks that can be downloaded and remixed free-of-charge. It’s not an extensive catalogue, but goes to show how they’re trying to fight the copyright issues that have plagued the site.



Many sound effects come across as gimmicky and cheesy; canned laughter, for example, is often berated and considered outdated. However, the right audio clip can improve a soundtrack and really enhance your visual experience. is a great resource for soundbites that can amplify and improve your work; dripping taps, ticking clocks and howling winds are all there.

Everything is free to download, they only ask that you credit the website in some way -whether that be on the actual film credits, or on your personal website, blog etc.


Stock footage

Need shots of a city skyline, but can’t afford to hire a helicopter? Fancy fireworks, but don’t want your budget to go up in smoke? is a fantastic outlet for video clips that are royalty-fee free. The HD footage can add grandeur and sparkle to your productions, without denting your bank balance in the slightest.



Narrating over stills or creating a photo montage can add real depth to your video, but be wary of where you obtain the images. You can easily filter-out copyrighted photos using your search engine’s advanced settings.

For example, Google’s Advanced Image Search enables the ‘usage rights’ tab, which helps find stills that are ‘free to use, share or modify, even commercially’.

A number of dedicated websites also offer libraries of copyright free photos.


Following these tips will help ensure your SubHub videos remain eye-catching and professional, without risking the heat of copyright law. Happy editing!

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