The importance of an intelligently crafted pricing page cannot be overstated.

When trying to convince visitors to become subscribers of a membership website, the pricing page is a pivotal element in the conversion journey. It’s the gateway where potential customers make the crucial decision to commit to your membership.

Beyond displaying membership tiers, a well-designed pricing page has the ability to prompt a visitor to take action.

Simplicity and transparency are paramount. Your pricing page should effortlessly communicate the value proposition of a membership and present understandable pricing tiers.

By eliminating confusion and fostering trust, the pricing page becomes an invaluable asset in the pursuit of increasing conversions.

Converting pricing pages need to incorporate several attributes in order to maximize sign ups.

Key elements that should be present on your pricing page:

  1. Limited plans: 3-4 plans perform best by providing options without overwhelming the potential customer.
  2. Clear pricing tiers: Display your different pricing plans with clear names and descriptions.
  3. Transparent pricing: Avoid hidden fees or additional costs that might surprise customers later. Transparency builds trust.
  4. Feature comparison tables: Include a feature comparison table that allows visitors to see the differences between plans at a glance.
  5. Social proof: Adding customer testimonials or reviews on the pricing page can instill confidence and showcase the positive experiences of existing customers.
  6. Trial period: Offering a free trial can reduce perceived risk for potential subscribers.
  7. FAQ section: Include a list of FAQs to answer typical questions like your cancellation policy.

Besides key pricing elements, design plays a crucial role in effectively conveying information.

Important design attributes that every pricing page should include:

  1. Simplicity: Keep the design uncluttered. Don’t distract customers with design elements. Your pricing page should be all about information. The design has to be function focused and minimalistic.
  2. Highlighted pricing: Make sure the pricing details are visually prominent, making it easy for visitors to find and understand the costs associated with each plan. Use larger fonts, distinct colors and a border outline to focus attention.
  3. Prominent call-to-actions: Each pricing tier should have a prominent and persuasive CTA button placed above the fold.
  4. Clear layout: Organize the pricing tiers, features, and information in a logical and intuitive manner. The most popular or recommended plan should be prominently displayed and aligned with the visitor’s natural reading flow.
  5. Feature differentiation: Clearly distinguish the features offered in each pricing tier by listing them with bullet points or tick marks.

This example highlights the best practices of a converting pricing page:

  • Plan types are limited to 3 so the visitor is not overwhelmed by choice.
  • Each plan is highlighted by a border outline which helps the visitor to focus on it contents.
  • Plan are differentiated by name and color.
  • Each lists features included in the plan.
  • Clear CTA.

Avoid treating the pricing page like it’s a home page

It’s essential to understand that your pricing page serves a specific purpose and requires a different approach than the homepage.

The primary goal of a pricing page is to encourage visitors to subscribe to your membership website. Don’t include links or other elements that lead away from the conversion path.

Overloading this page with excessive information or images commonly found on homepages can confuse and distract potential customers.

In conclusion, while both the homepage and pricing page are essential elements of your website, they serve distinct purposes and require tailored approaches. By treating the pricing page as a unique and focused conversion-oriented destination, you can optimize it for higher conversions and effectively guide potential customers toward becoming loyal subscribers.

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