Create an Online Course and Generate an Ongoing Revenue Stream

Create an Online Course and Generate an Ongoing Revenue Stream

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These days online courses are incredibly popular and can provide an ongoing revenue stream to knowledge experts, coaches, trainers or anyone with niche expertise. It’s a product that you create once but can repeatedly sell countless times.

Besides offering memberships, the SubHub platform gives you the ability to create and sell online courses – which can be sold individually or included in a membership subscription.

You might even already have existing content that can be repurposed and bundled to create a course.

Courses can also be an effective promotional product to use in your marketing and conversion efforts.

The offer of a free online course can be the perfect lead magnet to collect visitor emails for your marketing mailing list campaigns.

Creating a course is also an opportunity for you to show off your expertise on a subject, build trust with your potential audience and expand your reach.

Some new features in SubHub’s course builder

SubHub’s course builder provides the perfect readymade infrastructure to deliver an online course curriculum with an easy-to-follow lesson format.

You can teach your course in any language. Our Language Settings menu lets you translate any English label into your own language whether it be Swedish or Vietnamese.

Individual lesson pages now include a sidebar listing all of that module’s lessons so students can easily navigate to the next lesson.

Choose to display your courses in a 1, 2 or 3 sales page column format. Set up this option in the Settings menu using the Display Options tab.

Create a unique course purchase confirmation email in the Automated Emails menu.

Allow students to comment on lessons. Enable comments on each lesson page in the lesson editor.

With more and more people learning skills online, selling courses is a revenue stream you don’t want to miss.

Now start building your first course with SubHub

Open a free 14-day trial and create your membership website.

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