A Decade of Business Partnerships Using SubHub Membership Software.

Here at SubHub we love our clients, and we’re thrilled to be able to support so many fantastic businesses on their journeys, using our membership website software.

One key thing we endeavour to do with every one of our clients is to build a lasting partnership, and we know that the success of our clients is our success too.

This year is a special one for us, because we are celebrating a decade-long partnership with so many of our clients, and we’d like to show our gratitude by giving them a big shout out.

Celebrating 10 years with SubHub this year are:


Jaime Oikle

Jaime Oikle’s site, Running Restaurants, is a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to make it in the restaurant business. Packed full of business tools for restaurant owners and managers, Running Restaurants offers digital marketing tips, checklists, operations and service advice, templates and spreadsheets, and much, much more. If you’re in the restaurant industry this site has everything you need to be a roaring success.

You can read a full case study of Jaime’s SubHub journey here.

Visit Jaime’s site here

SubHub Homepage - Running Restaurants

Martin Roberts

You might recognise Martin Roberts from the UK show Homes Under The Hammer. He’s a property advisor and his SubHub site is packed full of invaluable information for property owners.

As well as his ‘Inner Circle’ membership area, Martin offers books, seminars and training events from his online shop.

Visit Martin’s site here

SubHub Homepage - Martin Roberts

Kate Faulkner

Kate Faulkner has not one, but two sites with SubHub. The first, Designs on Property, is a business-to-business focused site offering research and consultancy on residential property for property professionals. Her other site, Property Checklists, is more consumer-focussed and offers checklists on everything you need to know to carry out a property project.

The world of property is a complicated one, governed by an enormous number of rules and regulations, but Property Checklists make it easy for anyone wishing to buy, let or invest in property.

You can read a full case study of Kate’s SubHub journey here

Visit Kate’s sites here and here

SubHub Homepage - Property Checklists

Tony Eyers

Tony Eyers is another client running two sites with SubHub. He’s a musician and runs Harmonica Academy, a music tutorial site offering lessons, classes and workshops for people learning to play the Harmonica. His second site is the same topic but in Spanish.

You can read a full case study of Tony’s SubHub journey here

Visit Tony’s sites here and here

SubHub Homepage - Harmonica Academy

Andrew Mefford

Andrew Mefford runs Growing For Market, America’s most respected trade publication for local food and flower producers. His SubHub site is a magazine membership site, with a range of subscriptions available for digital and printed content. He uses the online shop feature to sell a range of books on growing, farming and food production.

Visit Andrew’s site here

SubHub Homepage - Growing for Market


Andy Rice

Andy Rice runs SailJuice, a membership site offering tips and advice for racing sailboats. He believes that any sailor can improve their results on the racecourse, no matter what their current skills are.

The membership website is full of useful information to overcome limiting beliefs about your sailing abilities and learn how to dramatically improve your race results.

Visit Andy’s site here

SubHub Homepage - Sailjuice

Paul Gunn

Paul Gunn is a business consultant serving small government contractors. His membership website offers guidance and tools to help small businesses land and deliver effectively on government contracts.

He focuses on the issues that contractors often don’t know they need to know, thereby saving them loss of money, contracts and reputation. A valuable service indeed!

Visit Paul’s site here

SubHub Homepage - Paul Gunn Community

Eric Tyson

Eric Tyson is a personal finance guru, and the author of Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing For Dummies. On his comprehensive SubHub membership website he analyses financial news and provides financial planning insights.

In his membership area, Eric answers your questions on all things personal finance and gives access to a wealth of archived articles, as well as up-to-the-minute advice on timely personal finance topics and strategies.

Visit Eric’s site here.

SubHub - Eric Tyson

What a wonderful and diverse bunch! We hope you take the time to pop over and visit their SubHub sites, and maybe even get some inspiration for creating your own membership website.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, then do get in touch, or sign up for your free trial here.

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