Five Ways To Make Money From Digital B2B Content

Five Ways To Make Money From Digital B2B Content

businessman looking gold eggWe live in the digital age and over two billion people are connected via the internet. If your B2B content is not digitized today you are missing out on a worldwide business audience and many extra channels for bringing in money. Recent figures showed that Nike’s digital marketing channels are now generating more profit than their “traditional” methods.

Beginning to monetize digital content can be daunting as there appear to be so many different ways now! We’ve broken them down into five different channels through which content publishers can begin to bring in money…

Publishing content for money is one of the fastest growing areas of online business, especially content geared towards other businesses (B2B publishing). If you have knowledge in your field, you can make money online from your expertise.

The five ways:

     1. Web

     2. Mobile

     3. Tablet

     4. Social

     5. Live

The most basic online presence your business can have is a website. Think about your design and usability. Once you have built it remember to test that it looks good and that everything works in all browsers.

There is a huge mobile market now and it will only expand as more companies introduce smartphones and the price of owning smartphones comes down. There are several options including mobile web, paid apps and free apps with in-app payments.

Similarly, the tablet device market is expanding with incredible speed, especially with Microsoft having just announced their ‘Surface’ tablet. Don’t get left behind by not considering this market at all.

Social media goes from strength to strength and with new networks springing up everywhere you need to keep up your presence. You can use them to your advantage by creating circles of links between all the networks which all lead to your content, which should improve your search engine ranking. There are all many real life social business networking events happening all the time, check for some in your local area.

There is the live event market, which is a great source of revenue which must not be overlooked. There is the opportunity to host and speak at live seminars and workshops, run paid training courses to share your knowledge and even spend one-to-one mentoring time with some of your clients.

This is an introduction to the five channels of distributing and making money from your content, and five more articles will follow — one for each revenue channel.

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