Expand your Engagement with Pinterest

Expand your Engagement with Pinterest

Maintaining your social media presence is vital to engaging with and expanding your website’s audience. With so many different media options, keeping a presence on all can be daunting so selecting where to focus your efforts is important. Pinterest just might be that platform.

Pinterest started primarily as a site of curated theme boards filled with “pins” of images which were shared and followed. But Pinterest is continuingly evolving. Increasingly, the “pins” are of written content. According to Pinterest, 5 million articles are pinned daily. In September 2013, Pinterest introduced an updated “Article Pin” which allows more information to be included such as the headline, author, story description and a link to the article itself.

With 70 million Pinners and growing, this could be an untapped tool to promote your written content and drive traffic to your website. Already most of the big media publishers have boards. Among other things, Pinterest is positioning itself as a bookmarking tool.

Eighty percent of Pinterest users are women, so if your content is particularly relevant to their interests then Pinterest is the place to be. Fashion, home decor, crafting, children, DIY, recipes, travel are all a focus on many boards. Particular professions, such as teachers, have found Pinterest to be an additional classroom resource. And Pinterest is making concerted efforts to increase its engagement with men.

Get started by joining Pinterest as a business, then verify your website and finally start to add “Pin It” buttons to your posts. Once your site is verified, you’ll also have access to Pinterest analytics.

Of course, like all social media, you have to be active – regularly adding interesting content to your boards and not only from your own website.

As Pinterest continues to broaden its focus, it will bring with it a wealth of opportunity for those who use it. So start Pinning.

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