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Free Keyword Tools for Laser Guided Targeting!

Free Keyword Tools for Laser Guided Targeting!

If used wisely, there are a number of free keyword tools out there that you can utilize to help find either new niches to target, or new PPC terms that have a high search volume but a low level of competition from other advertisers (marketing nirvana!).

Below I’ve put together a list of 7 free keyword research tools that will make the world of difference to your efforts.  I hope you find them useful.


1. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool gives you approximate keyword search volume statistics for Google search network and because of Google growing and dominating search network, you really can get pretty precise results.

google adwords keyword tool

2. Google Insights for Search

With Google Insights for Search, you can compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties.

google insights for search

3. Google Trends

With Google Trends you can compare the search popularity of multiple terms across a defined period of time.


4. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

The SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool offers a number of worthwhile functions:

  • Offers rough suggested daily search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.
  • Links the search volumes to the related global search results.
  • Provides links to price estimate tools from Google AdWords. That Google AdWords tool shows the necessary bid to rank #1 for 85% of queries, and roughly how much traffic you could expect AdWords to send you based on that bid price and ad position.
  • Links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, and Keyword Discovery keyword research results.
  • Links to various vertical databases like Topix.net, Google Blogsearch, and Del.icio.us to let you know if people are talking about your topic and what types of resources they are referencing.
  • Is driven off the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool. If you sign up for a Wordtracker account they offer many additional keyword research features and tools that are lacking in our basic keyword tool.

SEO Book


5. KGen

KGen Keyword Generator is a Firefox extension that allows you to see what keywords are strong on the web page you are visiting.



I hope you find these tools useful – I’ll update this page as and when I find more!

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