How to Come Across Naturally on Camera

How to Come Across Naturally on Camera

Many SubHub clients use videos to capture and address their audiences. It’s a great way to introduce yourself and adds a personal touch when promoting your products and/or services.

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However, some people can be fazed by the camera and may lose confidence when under the spotlight. Here’s a few tips to help you come across naturally:

1. Dress to impress

Picking an outfit that makes you happy will help you sparkle with positivity, so raid your wardrobe for something that expresses your personality. Choose something comfortable that will help you feel at ease. You don’t have to dress ultra-smart if your viewers aren’t expecting you to, but untucked or stained shirts can be distracting so at least make sure you’re relatively presentable.

2. Practice makes perfect

Before hitting ‘record’, make sure you know your message. That’s not to say you should memorise a script, but at least be clear on your key points and know what you want to get across. Good preparation helps you keep on track and will prevent you from rabbiting on like a bumbling fool. Rehearsals will also help pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. Talking to yourself in the mirror makes for great practice.

3. Say it like you mean it

Pacing is important. If you rush your way through recording you risk becoming incoherent, so remember to breathe naturally and pause at the end of each sentence. You want to come across as an authority on your subject, so deliver with confidence and talk to camera as if it were a familiar friend.

You don’t want to be a monotonous robot, and there’s certainly no need for the Queen’s English, so inject a bit of energy into your voice and enjoy yourself.

Selfie4. The camera loves you

It’s crucial to make eye contact with your audience, so keep focused on the camera’s loving lens. Every slight movement is exaggerated on screen, so prolonged looks to the side will portray nerves and conveys a lack of sincerity. It can be intimidating to look straight down the pan, but a soft smile will help you relax and is endearing to your viewers.

5. Watch your language! (Body language, that is)

According to the experts, human communication consists of 93% body language and only 7% spoken word. Quite staggering statistics that highlight how essential it is for you to make a good impression in how you hold yourself.

Sit or stand up straight with an open posture and your weight evenly distributed. A little movement is fine, but avoid rocking back and forth too much as it can be distracting. Feel free to use your hands to help emphasise your point, but keep them at mid-height or in front of your chest to avoid blocking your face. Hiding them behind your back or in your pockets is a definite no-no as this looks stiff and uncomfortable.
Following these top tips will help you communicate more effectively and ensure that your video content is well received. Most importantly though, don’t over-think things – just relax and have fun. Happy shooting!

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