How to build a fitness brand identity like AirBarFit

How to build a fitness brand identity like AirBarFit

SubHub client, AirBarFit, had definite ideas about how she imagined delivering her energetic fitness brand.

She wanted a homepage that matched her own high-voltage personal style, projected her motivational message of transformative fitness and left visitors feeling they were on the path to empowerment.

Through her use of color, font, shape, graphics and video, AirBarFit produced a homepage that perfectly communicated and complemented her brand identity.

AirBar Homepage

1. Use Color 

Color is a visitor’s first point of engagement with a website. Besides creating brand awareness, color choices can actually trigger specific emotions and influence conversion rates.

With yellow as the primary color, AirBarFit reinforced her dynamic brand message with a shade that conjures energy, clarity, and positivity.

2. Font Choice

Fonts are another design element used to communicate brand identity.

Juxtaposing long, lean Oswald font with curvy, playful Selima, AirBarFit created a combination that mixed strength and femininity – perfectly expressing the female, fitness warrior attitude that defines her brand and being.

(Find your perfect typeface in Googles’ extensive web font collection and then follow the simple instructions in our support guide to import it.)

3. Include Circles

By using circular framed images, AirBarFit created not only a strong focal point for introducing her member benefits but tapped into the powerful psychological associations of movement, completion and wellbeing elicited by that shape.

(Learn to create circle framed images with our support guide.)

4. Add Graphics

Combining her own creative flair with  templates from the free, online design tool, Canva, AirBarFit enhanced her homepage with bold graphic banners that mixed her powerful wordplay and energised images.

5. Play Videos

Videos are the ultimate tool that allow you to speak directly to your audience.

AirBarFit’s stunning videos capture and project her brand goals of movement, light, strength and serenity.


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