Using our business template as a foundation, Thrive Yoga, illustrates how easy it is to customise a standard SubHub template with their own brand identity.

By replacing the font, modifying the color palette and adding icons, Thrive Yoga was able to create a website that represents and reflects its own calm, motivational yoga lifestyle.

1. Update Font

Your font choice sets the tone of your design – so choose one that supports the qualities of your brand.

By replacing the heavier Lato font with light and airy Muli, Thrive Yoga heightens the impression of spaciness and breathe – a perfect complement to project their brand of spiritual wellbeing. 

Find your perfect typeface in Googles’ extensive web font collection and then follow the simple instructions in our support guide to import it.

2. Edit Color Scheme

Color is the first point of engagement for most visitors. It plays an important role in the emotional connection a user experiences when they visit a website.

Color psychology has proven that every color summons specific emotions.

While green evokes a sense of tranquility, harmony and personal growth, studies show that women respond more positively to the color purple than any other.

So by introducing their logo palette of green and purple, Thrive Yoga reinforces their brand theme of mind and body balance while appealing directly to their predominantly female users.

Learn to update your color scheme with this support guide.

3. Include Icons

Icons provide visual interest, draw attention to important messaging and act as a graphic division to the web page.

Introducing their member benefits with representational icons, allows Thrive Yoga to reinforce their brand identity and highlight specific content.

Flaticon has an extension library of free icons that can be edited for size and color.

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