As both a marketer and a member of the SubHub team I’m often asked by clients , friends and followers to list the tools I use as part of my job. While I often post about cool apps I recommend for a particular area of marketing or content creation, I’ve never gone into much depth about the tools I use myself on a daily basis.

So, consider this post the opening of my own special box of marketing goodies! The tools, apps and sites that i’ll be listing below are used regularly as part of my job. Most are free, while some are inexpensive. All of them I consider invaluable.


Google Analytics – The king of analytics tools. Free, reliable and comprehensive

GoSquared – Live website stats and real-time traffic reporting

Google Webmaster Tools – See how Google crawls, indexes and ranks your site, plus view which sites are linking to you. Worth submitting your website sitemap to as well

Social Update Tools

HootSuite – Update your social networks, share / shorten links and view click stats

Sprout Social – Update your networks, monitor keywords, contact management, analytics and more

TweetDeck – Handy desktop tool. Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Good for organising your social streams

Social Monitoring Tools

Google Alerts – Monitors the keywords you specify across the web and emails you when they appear

Social Mention – Another multi-platform visability checker, including alerts and a handy buzz widget for your website

BrandsEye –  Tracks all online conversations about a brand, event, campaign or individual

Blogging / Content Creation

SubHub – All of our free resource articles sit on the SubHub platform

Email Marketing and List Software

MailChimp – Extremely user friendly and powerful email newsletter and list software

Link Sharing & Shortening

Hootsuite (with – Use Hootsuite via a bookmarklet to post and shorten links – Another URL posting / shortening and reporting tool. Integrates well with TweetDeck


Historious – Simple booking marking service, with browser bookmarklet

Packrati – Automatically post the Twitter links from your tweets/retweets to Historious and Delicious

Evernote – Really handy for saving web pages or parts of web pages for multi-device access


iStockPhoto – Inexpensive stock photo site with high quality images

Document Sharing and Reporting

Google Docs – Very useful for sharing spreadsheets and other documents

Dropbox – Allows you to create, backup and share files and folders in the cloud. Love this tool!

Planning and Brainstorming

Canva’s Bubble Map – A great visual tool to map out complex problems.

Tom’s Planner – Easy to use online project planning and sharing tool

Mindomo – One of my favourite tools for forward planning. Allows you to visualize and communicate information in an easy to read format

Image Creation & Manipulation

SumoPaint – Very easy online image creation and manipulation tool

Video Creation and Editing

Camtasia – Awesomely easy screen recording and video editing software. Makes the creation of fly-through videos and tours a breeze. Integrates with PowerPoint as well

SEO / Keyword Tools

WordTracker – Powerful keyword research and analysis tool

Website Grader – Measure the effectiveness of your SEO and see when improvements are required

Quick Wireframing

Frame Box – Awesome browser-based wireframing and mockup tool. Very easy to use

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Optimizely – Test variations of text and images extremely quickly on your website. Simple to use, with easy to understand results

Visual Website Optimizer – Similar to Optimizely but with more multivariate testing options