SubHub Mobile Membership Platform – Update

SubHub Mobile Membership Platform – Update


We’ve been working on our new mobile membership website builder for the past six months, and we are very  excited to be able to finally launch our new product offering. All website owners will know how important it is to enable their visitors and members to enjoy content online, via their desktops, smartphone and tablets. The SubHub platform needed some major changes to allow this to happen. And we are pleased as pie with the results.SubHub Mobile Membership Site

To coincide with the new version of our membership website solution, we are launching a new price and package structure, to enable our clients to choose the most suitable package for their needs. Use the SubHub basic hosting and support price as a guide, then add on the extra features or integrations you need or when you have the available budget.

What is a mobile responsive site?

A responsive site will move and change the layout of the site dependant on the device it’s being viewed on. Currently our platform remains static if you were to look at an example site on your smartphone. This means you have to move the screen around to view the entire page.

The new platform has been developed to allow adaptive design, so visitors and members enjoy using your site, with minimal effort.


How will this affect my SubHub site? 

Existing SubHub clients will be able to migrate their current site over to the new platform in the coming weeks, we anticipate the move will take a few months as we have a large number of clients to assist, so please let us know if you are eager to move, so we can add you to the queue.

If you have a custom design, this will need to be modified to be responsive, so a designer will be required to make these changes. A quote will be sent over for approval and payment before any work can start, but we will discuss the specific details with each client dependant on their needs.

We also have released a set of new templates, and removed the old templates which are not compatible with the new platform. The new templates can be easily updated, so worth considering if you do not already have a custom design.


Are there any differences between the basic and advanced (mobile) platform?

In addition to the improvements around design and responsiveness, the advanced platform will have a simple sign up form, rather than the old multiple page process. Your new and existing members will be able to sign up with ease, so a huge improvement to the user experience.

We have also enabled your members to update their membership, and cancel (sorry) through the site, rather than just their payment processor. A feature that was requested by our site owners, so we are pleased to have now been able to make this improvement.

More reporting will be available throughout all sites, so you can check on new subscribers and pull off important data from the SubHub control panel.


Can I edit my site using my mobile device?

Yes, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The control panel is not completely responsive, so the experience will be a little fiddly. Best to only log in to the control panel using your desktop.


What happens next?

Anyone trying out SubHub for the first time can choose to either test the new mobile platform or go with the basic version.

We are ready and waiting  to show off the new improved platform to you, so let us know if you would like to take a tour with us. Please use the link below to schedule a call with me, so we can discuss the best next steps for your site.

Book a call 

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to continue to grow your membership business.

Louise Hewlett

SubHub Product Manager

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