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chair yoga membership website

Case Study: Identifying your Customer Persona

Cheri has been a yoga instructor for over eighteen years. While teaching mat yoga, she realised that many of her senior students were having difficulty getting up and down off the mat. This prompted her to start creating chair yoga routines. She quickly found there was a large and enthusiastic...

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start online magazine

Case Study: Starting an Online Digital Magazine

In 2015, Theresa launched the online digital version of her print magazine the Horsemanship Journal. She moved online as part of a strategy to expand brand awareness. By offering an online magazine version, she was able to improve her audience reach, generate leads and increase her revenue potential. Initially, she...

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create online magazine

How to Start a Profitable Online Magazine (2023)

Publishing content for profit on the Internet is one of the fastest-growing areas of online business. New online business magazines are being launched every day, covering every subject imaginable down to the most niche areas. Some are started by print magazine publishers moving online, some by small businesses who see value in sharing...

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check website on mobile

How to Check your Website on Mobile Devices

Optimising your website's design for mobile devices is a must. With 70% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, you need to make sure that your website delivers a great user experience regardless of the screen size. To do this, your website needs to be responsive to the screen size...

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build a converting landing page

5 Essential Elements for a High Converting Landing Page

Creating a landing page that converts is essential for any membership website or web-based business. Landing pages are integral to building your audience, email list and customer base. A successful landing page needs to feature specific elements to optimise the conversion of visitors into leads. Below, we'll be outline the...

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