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How To Start a Profitable Online Magazine (2019)

Publishing content for profit on the Internet is one of the fastest-growing areas of online business. New online magazines are being launched every day, covering every subject imaginable down to the most niche areas. Some are started by print magazine publishers moving online, some by small businesses who see value in sharing their...

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What Is A Membership Website?

A membership website is a website that has pages of content that are only available to members. People visiting the membership website usually have to register their details online in order to be provided with a user name and password to get access to the member-only information. The content is...

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What is Creative Commons and Creative Commons License?

Every online content publisher should know about Creative Commons. It is a well established and very important way to handle online copyright for the distribution of free content. To take the Wikipedia definition: “The Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative work available for others...

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The Link Building Bible: Over 100 Ways to Build Backlinks to Your Website

Table Of ContentsIntroduction114 Ways to Build LinksArticle SyndicationArticles That Attract LinksBecome a GuruBest DirectoriesEasy Free LinksFree, Free, FreeSocial BookmarkingIndustry, Supplier and Local LinksReviews Help YouThe BlogosphereOffline LinksReciprocal LinksPaying for LinksTechie Bits19 Ways NOT to Build LinksRubbish WebsitesLink Farms and Dodgy DirectoriesForum SpamBlog SpamPester Power Doesn’t Work Introduction This article reveals a...

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Where to Find Cheap & Royalty Free Images

In the not too distant past, the stock photo image market was an expensive and confusing place to source images. A handful of large photo stock companies dominated the market and fixed the prices out of reach for small website owners. This situation has dramatically changed over the last five...

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Get Free PR For Your Membership Website

Coverage about your website in the press – online or offline – is very valuable indeed. Unlike advertising, readers see it as an independent third-party endorsement for your service. So how can you get press coverage without breaking the bank? My experience of PR is very mixed.When I worked for...

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