Podcasting is a very big deal at the moment, and it is a fantastic way to market your membership site by showing off your expertise, aligning yourself with influencers in your industry, and ‘humanising’ yourself to your audience.


According to a recent report by podcastinsights.com, 50% of US homes are regular podcast listeners, and an amazing 80% of those will listen to an entire podcast episode. Not only that, but 45% percent of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75K.* Those are some pretty exciting numbers, no? Imagine being able to tap in to that market, and showing them how awesome your membership website is.

The reason most people don’t start a podcast is because they feel it’s too complicated and expensive. Thinking about having to buy expensive microphones and audio editing software can be overwhelming, but that’s where the amazing Messy.FM comes in.

Messy.FM is a one stop shop where you can record, edit, create show art, publish your show, get analytics and more, without ever leaving their site. And the best thing, it’s completely free!

So, if you’ve been thinking about adding podcasting to your marketing mix, or if this post has sparked your interest, do head on over to Messy.FM and have a look.

*you can read the full report (including a lovely infographic) here.

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