Looking for a topic for your membership website? Obviously you’re going to be offering content in your area of expertise. But it doesn’t hurt to take a look at popular membership models and how they are monetized.

Website memberships that offer exclusive access are increasingly valued by users and seen as an income generating opportunity for content creators.

‘What are the most popular examples of membership websites?’ is one of our most frequently asked questions. We list five of the most popular website themes.

These real life membership website examples should provide an idea of what works and why, but it’s by no means a definitive list. If you’re looking to launch your own membership website in 2024, you’re far more likely to succeed if you focus on a niche that really inspires you.

With that in mind, let’s see some of the most successful membership websites built using SubHub’s membership software.

1. Health, well-being, fitness and exercise membership website examples

Health and fitness are evergreen subjects, attracting large audiences in search of pursuing healthy lifestyles.

In the saturated fitness sector, identifying your buyer persona or target audience profile is crucial before launching your membership website. Understanding the specific needs of your target audience, allows you to tailor content that addresses their pain points and offer solutions.

Cheri, a yoga instructor for over eighteen years, recognised that her senior students were having difficulty getting up and down off the mat. This led her to start creating chair yoga routines as a solution to this problem.

When she launched her membership website, InspireEncourageEmpower, Cheri had already organically identified her target audience and their pain point. This meant that she could focus on developing website messaging that would resonate with the health goals of her potential members.

​​By understanding your customer persona, you can create a website that delivers content that is relevant to the needs of your target audience which will promote long-term member retention.

membership website examples

2. Online learning membership website ideas

Online learning is all the rage. The number of users on e-learning platforms is forecast to grow to 57 million by 2027.

E-learning has transformed education by offering accessibility, flexibility, community and limitless subject options to students wherever they live.

For people with specialist knowledge to share, starting an eLearning membership website offers a viable way to monetize your expertise.

Online learning is particularly successful for niche subjects. It provides a unique opportunity to offer specialised subjects to a global audience.

Highly specialised, niche subjects can now thrive by being able to reach like-minded enthusiasts regardless of their geographical location.

Adam started his membership website, AdamBlockSudios, to offer in-depth, instructional video tutorials in astrophotography. With digital learning, his highly specialised workshop content is accessible to appreciative students around the world.

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Online learning comes in many formats. Downloadable lesson plans and printables for classrooms or homeschooling are incredibly popular as they offer cost-effective and time-saving solutions for teachers.

The market for lesson plans is significant as there is active need for curriculum variety, learning diversity, and engaging and interactive classroom materials.

LovePrayTeach offers access to their Sunday School printable lesson packets as part of a recurring membership subscription or for individual purchase via their online store. By providing customers a choice, LovePrayTeach makes sure to capture the sales of those who want to be members and those who just want to make a one-off purchase.

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3. News & magazine style membership website examples

The most successful magazine-style membership websites, focus on consistently delivering valuable content on a niche subject. Regularly publishing fresh and engaging content builds trust and credibility with your audience.

This encourages audience loyalty which is essential to member retention.

Delivering consistent content also enhances your website’s visibility and SEO. Search engines value fresh content which signals to search algorithms that your website is active and relevant. This leads to improved rankings in search results and more organic traffic.

GrowingForMarket has been publishing an online version of their print magazine for over twenty years. Their content is dedicated to supporting and informing small market farmers. They regularly post new articles but also provide an extensive archive to their members.

By consistently publishing content focused on the particular interests of market farmers, GFM has become recognised as a leading industry resource and garnered a loyal following of members willing to pay to access their content.

membership site examples

4. Expert advice subscription website examples

Expert advice comes in thousands of different flavors. Starting a membership website that offer expert advice, requires you to demonstrate your credibility in that field. This involves showcasing your expertise through a combination of educational qualifications, professional experience, and proven results.

By demonstrating your expertise and consistently delivering valuable advice, you can create a successful membership website that becomes a trusted resource for individuals seeking expert guidance in the subject area.

RunningRestaurants website has been dedicated to helping independent restaurants be more profitable for over twenty years. With an online catalog of 1200+ articles, 75+ hours of seminars & webinar sessions, they have established themselves as a go-to industry expert.

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5. Financial and stock market membership websites

There is a wealth of online investing websites focused on stock and financial analysis. It’s one of the topics that people are willing to pay for access to advice. However before members will sign up, you’ll need to convince them of your expert knowledge and trustworthiness.

In order to successfully position yourself as a financial expert, whose advice is worth paying for, you need to demonstrate your credibility in the field of finance. This could be through professional certifications, industry experience or a proven track record of helping individuals achieve their financial goals.

Michael from LeadLagReport started his membership website to provide more in-depth financial analysis to his social media followers than what can be conveyed in a tweet or soundbite. He used his established social media presence to promote his membership website and gain his first members.

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Incorporating a membership or subscription offering is a popular revenue generating model for websites. Although the membership space can seem oversaturated there’s still plenty of room out there for you to carve your own niche.

If you choose a popular subject that resonates, your passion will shine through and customers are more likely to buy into it. There’s never been a better time to start your own membership website.

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