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The 10 Most Popular Subjects For Membership Websites

The 10 Most Popular Subjects For Membership Websites

most popular subjects for membership websites‘What are the most popular subjects for subscription or membership websites?’ is one of our most frequently asked questions, so below is a brief guide that’s been compiled to answer just that.

These examples should provide an idea of what works and why, but it’s by no means a definitive list of the things that work. When launching your own site, following a tried-and-tested path can yield great results, but you’re far more likely to succeed if you find a niche that really inspires you.

Miles Galliford, the co-founder of SubHub, suggests: ‘Pick a subject that you enjoy so much that you would be happy to write about it even if you weren’t getting paid to do so. You’ll spend most of your waking hours thinking about it and speaking with people who share your interest. If you’re not passionate about your subject, someone who is will probably create a better site than yours.


With that in mind, let’s see what others have made work for them…

1. Weight Loss, Fitness and Exercise

Example: www.bekahfit.com

Read Bekah’s SubHub story here

Diets and fitness are evergreen subjects, attracting large audiences in search of their body beautiful. Here, Bekah provides personalized training tips and workout routines.


2. Music Tutorial

Example: www.guitarmann.com

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Music makes the world go round, and also makes for a popular topic. Stephen Mann has amassed a huge following for his tutorial site.


3. Starting a Business

Example: www.makingmoneyfromproperty.tv

‘How to start your own business’ must be one of the most popular search engine topics in recent times of austerity, so this niche has naturally flourished. Many sites offer great advice every step of the way. Martin launched his SubHub site in 2008 so a testament to it’s success and popularity.


4. Make Money from an Existing Business

Example: https://www.eonetwork.org

Making existing businesses more profitable is always a popular choice. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a network of business owners from all over the world, enabling a peer-led community to learn from and influence each other.


5. Online Marketing

Example: https://www.copyblogger.com

A plethora of sites offers advice on how to make the most of your online presence. Copyblogger teaches members how to create great content.


6. Investment Advice

Example: Eric Tyson
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Newsletters with investment tips have been around for a long time, and now there’s a host of websites dedicated to regular updates. Eric Tyson offers advice via his SubHub site, publishing articles packed with content his members enjoy paying for.


7. Improve Your Personal Life

Example: www.mysinglefriend.com

Dating websites are as popular as ever, but My Single Friend differentiates itself by encouraging well-meaning types to help their buddies find love. The big players may dominate the industry, but there’s plenty of opportunities for related subject areas.


8. How to Guides

Example: www.harmonicaacademy.com

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Sites geared towards educating and training make for fertile subscription ground. If you’ve got a hidden talent then creating a tutorial website can be very profitable. Tony Eyres makes it look easy with his SubHub site, which has been live for more than 10 years.


9. Property Advice

Example: www.propertychecklists.co.uk

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These type of sites are catered towards people relocating to new places, providing all the info required to ensure a smooth move.  If you’re looking for inspiration or tips for your own site, take a moment to have a browse of Property Checklist and they might even save you a small fortune on your property.


10. Lifestyle and Religion

Example: www.latterdayvillage.com

Websites that create a real sense of community, centered around a kind of lifestyle or religious belief attract strong and loyal followings. The team behind the Latter Day Village website publishes content available to members and also products via the built-in store with SubHub, selling downloads and also physical products such as gifts.



The membership or subscription model is a fantastic portal upon which many successful businesses are built, and knowing what works is great, but there’s still plenty of room out there for you to carve your own niche into the Internet.

If you choose a popular subject that resonates, your passion will shine through and customers are more likely to buy into it. There’s never been a better time to start your own site.

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