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Rank Higher with Keyword Relevancy

Rank Higher with Keyword Relevancy

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To get found in search results, you need to be incorporating the keywords and phrases that your target audience members are using in their search queries.

Search engines use keyword “relevancy” to determine what a web page is about and how pertinent its content is to the intent of a search.

Relevancy is the measure of the importance of certain keywords on a web page.

In order to optimise your text for certain keywords, that keyword or phrase needs to be strategically placed throughout your content.

Your keyword/phrase should be present in:

  1. Your article’s title.
  2. The opening sentence of your article.
  3. Within the body of your content but don’t “stuff” it.
  4. In subheadings.
  5. As an anchor text for internal linking.
  6. When appropriate, in the Alt image tags.

By using the Control+F or Command+F keyboard shortcut, you can easily check the keyword density of your text.

Keyword relevancy is just one of the many ranking factors search engines use to deliver results. Read about 8 more SEO best practices to improve your ranking.

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