Research Methods, what are your customers interested in?

Research Methods, what are your customers interested in?

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There’s a lot of competition out there; a whole Internet’s worth in fact.  So how can you be sure to stay ahead of the game and keep people logging onto your site rather than some rival’s? Well, it’s wise to take note of what your  customers want and what they expect. After all, in the words of Peter Purves, ‘Who Cares Wins’.


An obvious place to start is by tracking your traffic. If you have a particular webpage that attracts a high number of hits, then this a pretty big clue as to what your audience wants. Conversely, if something doesn’t perform well, be sure to learn from mistakes and avoid re-posting similar content. You can track your customer’s path across your site, find out how long they’re spending on each page and much, much more. Analytics is a powerful tool, and working out what works is crucial to keeping customers happy.


There are several websites that allow you to create free surveys or questionnaires, which can then be emailed to your customers or even uploaded to your site. Asking your clients direct questions is undoubtedly a great way to find out what they want, and you’ll find a few quick and dirty tips on how to write good surveys here.

Focus Group

Inviting people to discuss their opinions or perceptions of what you do is a popular means of market research. These groups can often be more rewarding than straightforward surveys because conversation flows naturally and participants aren’t limited to a set list of questions. You may not have the budget to use external agencies but it could be worth meeting a few loyal customers, in person or via video chat, to gauge what they want from your business.


Ever wondered what other people make of your website? Well, now you can find out with Peek, an innovative service that offers you a view from a fresh angle. Simply type in your domain name and email address, and within a few days you’ll receive a real-time video of somebody road-testing your site. It’s a fantastic concept and it’s completely free of charge, unless you want to explore a more targeted campaign with specific demographics.


Allowing people to comment on whatever you post is a great way to encourage feedback.  You’ll notice there’s a ‘Leave a Reply’ section at the end of this blog, which is designed to invite you, the reader, to share your thoughts on what we do. Everything you say is taken on board and we try to answer any questions posed.

It would be great to hear your stories. How do you make sure your customer’s are getting value? How do you find out what they want? Let us know below.


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