Selling digital PDF downloads and printables has become a very popular online, revenue generating opportunity for individuals and businesses. If you’re an educator, knowledge expert, coach or crafter, you can create a passive income stream selling digital products.

What is a digital download?

A digital product is a piece of content that is distributed electronically over the internet and can be downloaded. These products don’t exist in physical form but are delivered in digital formats such as Ebooks, templates, educational worksheets, craft printables and more.

  • Diverse offerings: a wide range of digital products can be sold as downloads in many different niche markets.
  • Convenience: downloads allow consumers to access products immediately after purchase, without the need for physical distribution.
  • Scalability: once created, digital products can be sold an unlimited number of times.
  • Cost-effective: digital products have lower production and distribution costs resulting in higher profit margins.
  • Passive income: once set up for sale, they can generate passive income with minimal ongoing effort.
  • Global reach: they can be sold and delivered to customers worldwide with minimal effort.
  • Environmental impact: since they don’t require physical production, shipping, or packaging, they have a smaller environmental footprint.

1. Selling Educational products and resources

The popularity of selling online educational resources has witnessed a growing boom in recent years as a way for teachers to share their expertise and generate additional income.

With teachers stretched in the classroom, many have turned to online resources as a time-saving solution and supplement to their classroom lesson plans. Online educational resources offer an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional text and workbooks.

The growing trend of homeschooling and residual pandemic impact have also created an increasing need for educational materials for remote and hybrid learning.

The possibilities for selling teaching resources are numerous given the range of classroom and special needs subjects.

As the demand for effective teaching resources continues to grow, the sale of lesson plans is a potential income source.

If you have the capability to create well-structured lesson plans that cater to specific subjects, grade levels and learning objectives, then you have the opportunity to generate a passive income stream.

Types of teaching materials:

  • Lesson plans
  • Worksheets
  • eBooks
  • Flashcards
  • Reading guides
  • Quizzes or exams

Case study: Selling PDF lesson downloads using the SubHub membership website platform

LovePrayTeach built their website using SubHub’s all-in-one platform to sell its downloadable and printable Sunday school worksheets and lesson plans.

The SubHub platform lets LovePrayTeach reach a wider audience by providing two options to capture revenue – bundling products into a membership and selling individual downloads via the built-in store.

Once a store purchase is complete, the download link is emailed to the customer or they can log in and access it via their account orders page.

Another marketing strategy they employ is to offer a free website membership that includes a 5% store discount. This provides them with the opportunity to build a robust mailing list and convert free members into paying members through email campaigns

Using this strategy they have built a mailing list of over 40,000 subscribers.

Read more about LovePrayTeach’s story.

2. Selling craft and game printables


The popularity of selling craft and game printables has experienced a remarkable upsurge. It’s become an increasingly popular online venture with wide-ranging product possibilities. The printable market includes a diversity of digital resources from planners to party decorations to craft projects and more.

For craft enthusiasts, printables offer convenient and affordable downloadable templates for creative projects that can cater to diverse interests.

In particular, digital printables are a valuable resource for parents and teachers looking for learning resources and fun activities for the home and in the classroom.

Printable games, puzzles, holiday activities, puppets, coloring pages, word searches, paper crafts are just a few of the countless product categories.

Digital craft printables and games come at a fraction of the cost of physical counterparts, making them an economical and eco-friendly choice for entertainment, learning, and creative expression, contributing to their ever-increasing appeal in today’s digital marketplace.

How to start selling your downloads on SubHub

  1. The first step is to choose a specific product niche. Focusing on a specific topic will help to refine your products and target your marketing efforts.
  2. Your products must be high-quality, original and priced competitively.
  3. Next open a free trial and start to build your website.
  4. Upload and organise your downloads. Make sure to thoughtfully plan how a user will navigate your site and access the content.
  5. Lastly, actively promote your products through social media platforms.

3. Selling downloadable business resources

Business people are always looking to grow and expand their experience. If you’re an individual expert with specific business knowledge, then consider the opportunity to leverage that expertise by selling downloadable resources related to your niche.

Selling downloadable business resources is a convenient and effective way for entrepreneurs and companies to create a passive income stream.

These digital assets can encompass a wide range of materials, such as templates, guides, e-books, templates and more.

Selling online streamlines the distribution process, provides a global reach and instant delivery. Whether it’s financial models, marketing strategies or industry reports, the availability of downloadable business resources online empowers both sellers and buyers.

The SubHub platform lets you sell subscriptions to access download packs and as one-off products in the built-in store. You can also offer the material as part of courses that can be created in the course builder.

In conclusion

Selling digital downloads and printables can be a profitable online business for anyone with expertise and creativity. With minimal effort, you can generate a passive income stream.

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