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Showcasing SubHub Client Updates

Showcasing SubHub Client Updates

We are delighted to highlight some recent client updates and showcase their site launches over the past few months.


Koala Coach 

Lena Fishman is a parenting expert and started her SubHub site to share her knowledge online and help other parents with educational based activities. The site offers advice in the form of videos which makes the content more personable.

The site has benefited from a full custom design which Lena worked on with our team to help make her content more accessible to parents using the site across all types of devices.



Silhouette U

Bob and Melissa Viscount launched their SubHub site earlier this month, after running their successful blog – www.silhouetteschoolblog.com – they were eager to better monetize their content. Members who sign up to their SubHub site benefit from monthly video tutorials, downloads, discount codes on store products and access to personal help from the team.

The site has benefited from some minimal template updates from the SubHub team which helps to carry through their branding and company colors and fonts.



Property Checklists

Kate Faulkner, a UK property expert, has two sites with SubHub, www.designsonproperty.co.uk and this site. The Property Checklists site provides essential advice for property owners in the form of checklists which can be downloaded and used offline. The site also publishes property news and industry updates via a blog type feed. The site is free to join, as the content is sponsored by trusted companies.

The site originally launched in 2012 and moved to our most recent version of the platform with this brand new design with the help of the SubHub team.

Property Checklists


If you are looking for a site revamp or have an idea to discuss with the team, please get in touch with us to find out more. We can work with all types of budgets, big and small!

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