5 Great Reasons to Start Your Membership Website this 2021

5 Great Reasons to Start Your Membership Website this 2021

So you’ve made the decision to start a membership website.

How exciting! Exciting because it’s new, and exciting because it’s a way of monetizing your business that can be very profitable.

All those dreams start swirling around in your head about how it’s going to work! Like membership levels…drip content…courses…lessons…downloads…pdf’s…videos…podcasts…public discussions…private discussions…quizzes…custom design…up-sells…down-sells…discounts…


Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But let’s take a step back.

All these features are awesome but do you need them all to start? How about starting with just one membership level? Everyone pays one price and gets access to everything. No extras, no up-sells. For content how about articles with an accompanying PDF download and leave it at that?

It might be better to start slow and simple.

Here are a few advantages to the ‘Keep It Simple’ approach:

1. Less pressure.

Who needs extra pressure when you’re launching something new? Keeping it simple keeps it low pressure and you don’t necessarily have to learn anything new like how to make a video.

2. Less tech.

There’s always something that can go wrong but with fewer technological parts you have a much better chance of a smooth launch.

3. More time.

Spending fewer hours getting the system set up allows more time to promote your membership.

4. Room to grow.

When you start simple you give yourself the opportunity to see how you want to grow and in what direction. Or if you want to at all. Maybe the simple approach works just fine for the short term AND the long term.

5. Let the wheels turn.

With a simple approach you can perfect it much more easily. Get used to how the tech works, find out what your audience likes and doesn’t like and expand from there without having to keep track of multiple balls spinning in the air.

But ultimately it’s up to you. Open a free trial with the SubHub platform today and you can decide if you want to start small or go big. Either way our world famous tech support will be there for you every step of the way!


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