Small Improvements, Big Differences

Small Improvements, Big Differences

The team has been working through a number of updates to the platform, which will make a big difference to many of you. Some of these changes will need to be manually added to your SubHub site, so please get in touch with the support team if you would like to find out more.

Member Manager
Your members information will now be stored in ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ fields separately. This will enable you to easily export these users into your CRM’s and email clients – without the added hassle of manually separating the fields.

iDev Affiliation
A recent update to the SubHub/iDev Affiliation Software will now enable you to charge per product – so if you have a number of subscription plans on offer, you can allocate specific commission payments to these purchases.

Category Specific Right/Left Column Navigation
We are often asked for this improvement, so we are delighted to release this update across all SubHub sites. It is now possible to add navigation blocks to specific category pages via the navigation manager.

Category Specific Right/Left Column Navigation

Moved SubHub Emails to Mandrill
Some users reported problems with emails not being received by admins or members. It was necessary to overhaul the way system emails (confirmation emails, expiration emails, etc.) were being sent. The development team moved our emails sending over to Mandrill (part of MailChimp). This update will help us to ensure all emails are delivered safely and from a reputable email service provider.

Additional Payment Frequencies – Stripe Users
This update will enable you to set up payment plans that can be billed daily and weekly – in addition to the months and years currently on offer.

SubHub Additional Payment Frequencies – Stripe Users

Comments/Disqus Integration
The platform has previously seen abuse by spambots who leave messages on any open forms, comments, contact forms, etc. We have improved our Disqus integration, which will help you to prevent spam and also improve comment moderation and user experience. Head to your ‘Site Settings’ > ‘Misc’ tab to set up your Disqus comments.

Google Captcha
In addition to the above improvement to terminate spam comments, we have also set up a Google Captcha integration within the platform to further prevent abuse from bots. You will need to register your site with Google Captcha then insert your unique code into your SubHub site settings to complete the set up.

Prevent Multiple Logins
We have set up a way for you to prevent users from sharing log-in details and accessing the site from multiple locations. If a user log ins from a different IP when another user is also logged in with the same credentials, a warning message will be display and access will be blocked.

Please get in touch with SubHub support if you would like to explore any of these features or improvements in more detail. You can contact us at [email protected] or book a call here.

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