Happy Birthday To Us, Happy Presents For You

Happy Birthday To Us, Happy Presents For You

Happy Birthday
SubHub launched on the 16th February 2005 and since then we’ve helped thousands of users to turn their dreams into a reality. Today marks the 11th anniversary of SubHub and we would like you to celebrate with us.

To celebrate our anniversary, we are offering 11% off new packages for the next 11 days (From Tuesday, February 16th till Saturday, February 27th) with promo code HBSubHub11. You can use this discount code against your SubHub subscription costs or any design/development work you require. If your trial has now expired, you can either restore it or create a new site here.

Whether you are working as a team or as an individual, the SubHub team is here to assist and offer advice along the way. Over the years, our team has witnessed both success and struggle which has provided us with valuable knowledge and experience that we would happily share with you.

This special anniversary offer will expire on Saturday, February 27th, so you will have eleven days to try out the platform again and evaluate our features, which include:

  • Recurring subscription payments,
  • Store for physical and digital products and services,
  • Forums,
  • Member profiles.

Please get in touch with the SubHub team to find out more or book a product demo to help you get started (again). Make sure you use coupon code HBSubHub11 when you are ready to upgrade.

Happy birthday to us, happy presents for you.


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